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  • Looking to invest in property?

    If you’re in the fortunate position of having some equity in your home, you may wish to use this ‘lazy’ capital to potentially build wealth faster and achieve the goals and lifestyle you want sooner.

    There are various ways a local RAMS Home Loan Specialist can add value to your financial situation.  And one way is showing you how your existing assets could work harder. 

    One of the main advantages of investing in property is the potential tax benefit available. Some of the upfront and ongoing costs associated with owning an investment property (including the loan interest) are generally tax deductible#.

    In some cases, this may eventuate in a positive cash flow. You should, however, talk to your financial planner about what is right for your circumstances and financial goals.

    How RAMS can help

    If you’re thinking about investing in your first property, make an appointment with RAMS to discuss your position and receive a free Residex* Report. 

    Chances are we can help you: 

    • Work out how much equity you may have 
    • Find out how much you could borrow 
    • Determine the main costs of purchasing an investment property 
    • Find out where you could afford to buy 
    • Find out what properties are currently for sale in your selected areas. 

    FREE Residex* Report (minimum RRP of $75 )

    RAMS  can provide you with suburb and property reports from Residex*. 

    A Residex report summarises hard-to-access data  that  can really help you make an informed decision about your investment property purchase, including: 

    • Important research and statistical information
    • Median sale price and rent
    • Rental yield
    • Number of sales
    • Historical growth 
    • Residex’s* predicted growth over the next 5 and 8 years.  

    Kickstart  your property portfolio

    If you’d like to kickstart your investment property portfolio, give RAMS a call on 13 RAMS (that's 13 7267) for an obligation free appointment. 

    Or you can register online – make an appointment now.

    Note: As the information provided here is intended as a guide only, your individual circumstances should naturally be taken into consideration. This is why we also recommend you obtain independent professional advice relevant to your financial circumstances.




    # Subject to government policy remaining unchanged.

    * RAMS, its franchisees or employees do not accept responsibility for the accuracy of any reports provided by Residex Pty Ltd.