• Home decor ideas to try when decorating your house

    If you manage to get your home decor and interior styling right it’ll make life at home that much more enjoyable.

  • Our homes are an expression of our own unique personal style, the way we live our lives, and who we welcome into them.

    If you manage to get your home decor and interior styling right it’ll make life at home that much more enjoyable.

    Senior interior designer Rohan Smith from Coco Republic shares his home styling ideas and interior decorating tips for styling a beautiful home that suits your lifestyle.

    1.     Don’t be afraid to mix period styles

    Many of our homes are a mix of architectural styles – for example, a Victorian or Federation home with contemporary additions. So, when it comes to home decor ideas, it makes sense to mix furniture styles in a similar way.

    Think a 1960s house filled with contemporary furniture and art, a mid-century buffet or bar cabinet in a modern apartment or an old wing chair covered in velvet to give a new lease of life to an old piece.


    2.     Make a statement with colour blocking

    Colour blocking, as we see with fashion, is a great way to make a statement in a room.

    Consider adding pieces such as rugs, scatter cushions, and decor items in the same uniform colour to an otherwise neutral room to give the space some punch.


    3.     Level up neutrals 

    Decorating rooms using neutral tones creates a sense of calm, however, the room can easily become a bit same-same unless some interest is added. 

    Layer textures by selecting neutral cushions with different weaves, adding a chunky woollen throw, and a table lamp with a linen shade.


    4.     Try a bold wall colour

    Using a bold wall colour creates an amazing statement in a room. Larger furniture pieces play second fiddle to the wall colour and should be kept fairly neutral.

    Highlight the wall colour by introducing some scatter cushions or colourful lamps to bring the whole scheme together.


    5.     Experiment with patterns

    Neutrals used in large-ticket items, such as sofas and bed linen, create a great backdrop into which you can add any number of patterns.

    Experiment with pattern by introducing smaller items such as cushions or a coffee table book with a bold cover.

    If you’re still feeling brave, consider a patterned rug or occasional chair upholstered in a bold geometric pattern. 


    6.     Opt for natural materials

    The main consideration when creating an organic, neutral interior is to still add interest by using a variety of textures.

    An interior using mainly grey tones can still have textural interest by adding Carrara marble, resin, grey-washed timber and beaten metal combined with lovely wool, felt and mohair fabrics.


    7.     Add the wow-factor 

    When styling, always look for that wow-factor to add an element of surprise and flair to a room. Materials in metal and glass – think pendant lighting or coffee tables – will certainly attract attention in a room.


    One-of-a-kind pieces, such as family heirlooms and vintage or antique furniture finds, give a space immediate character and warmth, adding to the wow-factor. 

    8.     Make your walls a work of art

    To create a statement, a large wallpaper mural will add drama to a space as the entire wall becomes the artwork.

    Or, take this idea further and employ an artist to paint a mural directly onto the wall.


    9.     Bring the outdoors inside

    Adding a houseplant or floral arrangement will not only add an organic element to a room, but also add a splash of colour.

    Plants and greenery are also easily moveable, so you can try out a few locations in your home to work out where best to place this injection of colour and life.


    This article was originally posted on realestate.com.au as ’18 home decor ideas to try when decorating your house’

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