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  • 30 November 2015

    How to add value to your property through renovation

    Did you know there are many simple ways to give your property a facelift without breaking the bank? And to help you decide which project deserves your time we've listed the top property renovations Renovate to add value 300x200that could quickly add value to your property.

    Give the property curb appeal

    While the saying might be "don't judge a book by its cover" the same does NOT apply to property, as prospective buyers certainly place great importance on the curb appeal of a house.  

    By taking the time to repaint the exterior (or at least the front door) and giving your garden a refresher with modern planters you'll change the appearance of your home front in a flash. 

    Also consider other exterior upgrades like an entry gate and pathway or carport/garage surrounds to give any outdoor spaces the most appeal.

    Create a parent's retreat

    If you have an attic that isn't being used, why not utilise that space? One option is to turn un-used space into a parent's retreat. 

    You may need to get a contractor in to inspect the space to ensure any renovation plans meet local council regulations. The major considerations when converting an attic into a parent's retreat include, access, insulation and flooring.

    All decked out

    Australians love their outdoor entertaining, which is why the addition of a deck or terrace can easily enhance the value of your home without costing an arm and leg. 

    You'll need to decide on the height and size of the deck and ensure it's safe for kids. If your carpentry skills are lacking, there are plenty of companies that can do the job for you. While you may not need council approval , it's a good idea to find out local zoning regulations before adding a deck.

    Give your house a lick of paint

    You'll be surprised how a repaint of your home can make it look brand new again. Either hire a professional or DIY. Opting for the latter could make for a fun family weekend project you can tackle together.


    Is your flooring looking a bit drab from kids or pets running amok? Thankfully, timber floors can be brought back to life with some sanding and polishing. If you've got carpets, you may want to consider replacement or if it's only stains a carpet clean.

    How to fund a renovation

    Mortgage offset account

    If you've diligently put money away in an offset account attached to your home loan, you may want to use those funds towards a property renovation.

    Mortgage redraws

    Savvy property owners who’ve made extra repayments over the life of the loan can dip into these extra funds if their home loan has a redraw facility.

    Equity loan

    Do you have equity in your property? Then most home loan providers will allow you to borrow against the value of your property, if you have the capacity to repay the increase in your loan.