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  • Renovating your home for maximum impact

    Renovating your home for maximum impact

    It’s no secret that Kyal and I have always been obsessed with renovating, that’s why we applied for 'The Block'.

    The sheer satisfaction of transforming your home from a renovator’s delight to your dream home is what most renovators live for. Personally, the sense of accomplishment of turning your dream into reality is something I will never tire of.

    But whether you are renovating to sell or creating your forever home, here are my top tips for renovating.

    Think outside the box to create space

    If you are restricted by land size, think creatively for ways to increase your floor plan. Consider lifting the pitch of the ceiling to create additional space upstairs or an attic. Creating an outdoor room or alfresco dining area is another great way to add to functional space to your floor plan.

    Let it flow

    Help create a seamless flow throughout your home by carrying themes from one room to another. By using the same colour palette or finishes, whether it is a timber bench top or textured wallpaper you will link rooms together and create continuity.

    Keep base elements simple and make a statement with feature pieces

    Renovating a property can be an expensive exercise so it is important to save where you can and splurge on hero items that will make a statement. When you are planning and setting your budget, allocate funds for quality fittings and finishes that will stand-out.

    Light it up

    Lighting can be an inexpensive way to lift a space and make an impact in a room. When creating your lighting design for each room in your home, it is important that you think about how the space will be used to ensure the lighting will adequate. It isn’t only about the aesthetic impact but it needs to be functional too.

    Recycle and save

    Look for opportunities to recycle old materials from any demolition works from your renovation. Using pre-loved materials such as timber and stone is a great way to add character to your home and link the old with the new. It can also to a great way to save you money!

    The secret to renovating is not to rush it. Take your time to get it right and the end result will have all been worth it.


    About the author

    • Kyal and Kara

      Kyal and Kara became the public’s favourite couple of The Block Fans v Faves series and caught the positive attention of the judges – winning multiple rooms. Their down to earth and friendly nature has made them crowd favorites and their skill and design flair has ensured some beautiful renovation results. As a young, enthusiastic, fit and healthy couple, they have an exciting future ahead.  

      Since The Block, Kyal and Kara have gone on to launch their own business, Diverse Design and Construct, and are working on various design and build projects around the country including their own renovation projects.

      Kyal and Kara Demmrich

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