• We sticky beaked 5 buyers' property shortlists and here’s what we found

    Everybody has their list of need-to-haves and nice-to-haves when starting their property search. Find out what features are high on the lists of real buyers right now. 

  • Everybody has their list of need-to-haves and nice-to-haves when starting their property search. Find out what features are high on the lists of real buyers right now.

    Speaking to five Australians currently or recently in the market, we asked what were some of the non-negotiables on their shortlists.

    While each listed a variety of different needs – from internal laundries, to floorboards, to dishwashers and basic privacy – there were a few that stood out as common must-haves. These were the top tier desirables.

    1.     Light

    A common must-have among all the buyers we spoke to was light. Big windows and well lit living areas are a must. But ‘north-facing’ also made the list.

    “You get the best light throughout the day — anything south or south-west facing you’re in dark,” Emily, a resident of regional NSW, explains. 

    Do we think that’s enough light? Picture: realestate.com.au/buy

    Great light during the day is also a plus for your energy bills.

    “Especially if you’re working from home,” Emily adds. “I have a friend who works from home in an apartment in the city and she has to have her light on all day.”

    2.     Location

    Location is highly personal, but most people are looking for a few key things: close to shops, close to transport and, for some parents or soon-to-be-parents, close to schools.

    Proximity to lifestyle perks – like cafes and restaurants – was also important to Alex, a young buyer looking around Sydney’s inner suburbs.

    “Being able to walk to cafes and shops is a big part of our search,” she notes. “We don’t have kids and we want to maintain some of the lifestyle we have renting or else we probably wouldn’t buy so soon.”

    3.     Storage

    When it comes to storage, built-in wardrobes are a high priority.

    Built-in storage is a must! Picture: Pexels

    “Storage is a big one. It either needs to have a built in wardrobes already or enough space that you can create one without eating into the room too much,” Rebecca, 29, from Sydney says.  

    While Rebecca is looking specifically for apartments, the need for built-in storage in the kitchen, laundry or even occasionally in the yard, was a sentiment echoed by others.

    4.     Pet-friendly

    A lot of people make the leap into buying with pets already in tow. Therefore, pet friendliness and outdoor space is a must.

    This is a top priority for Amy, who is shopping for an apartment or townhouse in Canberra.

    Our pets are a big part of our lives, so it makes sense that many are factoring them into their home search. Picture: Pexels

    “Outdoor space is a must with a dog, even a small courtyard would do,” she says. “At the bare minimum, we need some kind of garden bed or grass strip for our dog to go to the toilet on.

    “The outdoor area has to be secure too. Not only for the dog, but in general home security is a good thing!

    “Floorboards are also a nice-to-have as they’re better for dogs.”

    (Floorboards seemed to be preferred across the board – pets or not!)

    5.     Garage

    Parking space is a must for many. However, the size and fit-out of the space varies.

    “For me, I’m specifically looking for a home with sufficient garage space,” notes Tuan, an investment property tax specialist from Sydney. “As a car enthusiast, there needs to be sufficient private and secured space for up to three cars.”

    “I recently bought a home in Annandale that needed a lot of work in the interior, but had a very large garage that was able to handle three vehicles.”

    A garage saves you the headache of parking in your own home. Picture: realestate.com.au/buy

    Despite living in the city and being close to public transport, Alex also listed a car space as important, as street parking in her area is limited.

    “Since [the COVID-19 pandemic] began, I commute less and also rely less on public transport to get around,” she adds. “I’m not sure when or if that will change now. So, my car needs a home too.”


    This originally appeared on realestate.com.au as ‘We sticky beaked 5 buyers’ property shortlists and here’s what we found’  

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