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  • 16 February 2015

    RAMS cuts fixed home loan rates

    RAMS today announced it will cut its fixed home loan rates for all fixed rate terms, effective 16 February 2015.

    RAMS new fixed rates are among the most competitive fixed rates in the market.   

    New fixed rates from RAMS: 

    • 1-year    4.69% per annum  (a reduction of 0.01% per annum)
    • 2-year    4.59% per annum  (a reduction of 0.10% per annum)
    • 3-year    4.59% per annum  (a reduction of 0.20% per annum)
    • 4-year    4.69% per annum  (a reduction of 0.29% per annum)
    • 5-year    4.59% per annum  (a reduction of 0.39% per annum)

    The fixed rates are available to new customers, as well as existing customers who would like to fix part, or all, of their current home loan. 

    Martine Jager, RAMS Chief Executive Officer commented that the interest rate cuts from RAMS will help more customers into their new homes. 

    “The new fixed home loan rates from RAMS are extremely competitive, which is great news for those looking to enter the property market or fix part of their loan.”

    RAMS offers a variety of home loan options to suit different needs – including for first home buyers, helping more people realise their dream of owning their own home sooner.

    For more information or assistance on existing or new loans, customers can contact RAMS on 13 RAMS, that’s 13 7267.

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