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  • House and Land Package Advantage


    Nikki McCarthy takes us inside a display home and uncovers the reasons why a house and land package may be right for first home buyers.


    With so much talk around housing and affordability, you might think that building your own brand new home is way out of reach.  But, there are many reasons why a house and land package might be the perfect choice for you.

    Visiting a displaying home means you can check out a range of different floor plans.  Work out what best suits your family, and the best thing is, it's all designed by an architect. 

    So for first-home buyers, what are the advantages of buying brand new?  

    The best thing about buying a new home is you you can choose the colours and the fixtures and the fittings that you want in your home.  So tiles, carpet, finishes, paint colours - those sort of things.  Really people can choose what suits their lifestyles.

    But more importantly, the house has the guarantees and the warranties that there's going to come with a brand new home.

    The trends that first time buyers are looking for are obviously living areas and big living spaces. Four bedrooms pretty popular because of houses that you can grow into.

    What sort of price range we're looking at?  

    Anywhere between from a house and land package around the three hundred thousand to three eighty thousand is our target.  Getting customers that really make sure that they're getting into a house they can afford.  

    So for someone coming out to a display centre what are some good tips that you could give them?

    I think for first-time buyers who are looking to buy their first home, it's important that they choose a reputable builder that's got runs on the board. It's really important that when you're investing so much money that the builders may be around for a long time.  But really it's around making sure the builder is going to stand by you and also make it really easy for you to go through the process.

    When you're searching for a home you could spend hours driving from suburb to suburb or just come to a display centre like this and find a brand new home that's perfect for you.

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    About the author

    • Nikki McCarthy

      It was Nikki’s role on property show ‘On Display’ (CH9) that led her to residential real estate. She understands what it takes to get the best results when buying or selling a home having worked with developers and agents through the course of the show.

      Nikki is now living the dream and working closely with clients as she continues to pursue her love of all things property. It is her goal to work closely with her valued clients to achieve the best possible results when buying or selling their home.

      Nikki McCarthy

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