• Kyal and Kara: Ep 8 - Downstairs we go!


    Demolition downstairs commences and work is well underway in the studio.



    I've got a kitchen, I've got an oven, and I've got an outdoor deck that has all that beautiful winter sun, so I'm a really happy girl at the moment.  But downstairs is a different ball game altogether.

    We've removed the kitchen and now we're dropping down the ceilings which is obviously exposing some real electrical issues. 

    We're back out the front today.  We've got our garage door being installed and the boys are working on our fence.

    Basically we're saying we're crazy people and we want to break our backs again doing another reno.

    You want to do it again?  Crazy.

    Well it does sound like you would have added value to the property.

    Well we've got plenty more work to do, but yeah we'll be sure to touch base in a couple of weeks and let you know we are at. 

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