• Long Jetty Reno: Ep11 - Auction Day


    Relive Auction Day at Long Jetty! Take a look at how the big day unfolded for Kyal and Kara. We've loved being a part of this journey and excited to see what's in store for 2018... stay tuned!


    At the start of this year, Kara and I set out to find our next renovating project.

    We found the one.  It was close to home, a really short walk to the beach and close to all our favourite cafes.

    We always set out to flip this property, but we did something a bit different and we put our heart and soul into it and we renovated it as if we were going to live there.  Because chances are, we knew if we loved it, someone else would too.

    So we bought this little shack and we plan on doing a massive renovation.  Not only that, doing a huge extension.

    In the initial design phase, we've factored in some really generous sized bedrooms at the front of the house which have that original feel.  They have got those awesome walk in robes, so there's storage galore.  

    The front of the house we kept quite traditional, we wanted it to tie in with that beautiful coastal home and still have that Long Jetty feel.  But out the back we've gone a lot more modern.  We've got a huge skillion roof and we've got kitchen/living/dining that opens out onto a beautiful pool area.  And that really ties into the whole Palm Springs vibe that you see when you walk through the front door and out into the hub of the home.

    We've enlisted Penny and Paul from LJ Hooker to find the right buyer for this home.  Someone who can appreciate all the love and thought that's gone into this space and all those extra little details.  It's been a great campaign.  There has been so many people come through the house.

    We've also had Greg and Lisa from RAMS on hand at the opens talking to potential buyers about their finance options.  The opens have been a big success with Kyal and Kara and it's encouraging to see so many people come through the property.

    It's great to be able to go through all the different RAMS home loan options and tailor the conversation to meet their needs.  Being involved in this community is something we're really passionate about, so being here today is fantastic.  The opens have been really exciting we've had over 1200 people through the door.  Obviously not every one of those people is looking to buy, but it's so nice to hear the feedback that we've inspired other people with great ideas for their own home.

    It's finally here.  The auction is on the doorstep and I've had my fair share of sleepless nights because I'm feeling so nervous.  The anxiety has definitely kicked in. We've got our fingers and our toes crossed, but there's nothing more we can do.  That's it - we're just gonna let the auction happen.  

    I haven't felt anything up to this point and now I just feel sick!  Don't faint just yet, we gotta sell a house.  I'm just feeling really emotional. I can't believe it.  it's here. This has been the day that Kara and I have anticipated for so long, where we are basically moments away from the auction and there's people everywhere. 

    There's so many people in the house and everyone keeps coming up and saying you've done such a great job so it's really nice for us to get that feedback from people.  But, Kara and I are so nervous, my stomach is just like so knotted up and twisting at the moment.

    You know in a couple of moments it's gonna all kick off and yeah, we'll find out what's gonna happen.

    Ladies and gentleman, good afternoon and welcome to this much awaited and much-anticipated auction.  A bit more pressure this time around because this is our own investment.  We have poured not only our money, but our heart and soul into this, it's been a very busy year with Ziya.

    This home offers warmth, it offers a solace for family and friends to connect.  What will be your story? How will you enjoy this beautiful property?

    Ladies and gentlemen I'm yours for an openening bid or offer to start us away.

    <Bidding starts at one million and goes to  $1,500,000>

    It's getting close.  Well ladies and gentlemen, as sometimes happens in auctions, we are just going to seek some further instructions. 

    We are in the market playing for keeps ladies and gentlemen.  Exciting news 1 million five hundred and seventy thousand dollars.  Our gentleman's bid.  We are on the market.

    <Bidding continues to 1 million five hundred ninety thousand dollars>

    Gentlemen - sir once, twice, bid third final time at a million five hundred and ninety thousand dollars.

    Sir, ma'am, welcome home. It's yours.  



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