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  • Pros and cons of regional living


    Housing market expert Dr Andrew Wilson looks at the pros and cons of regional living.


    Well obviously regional centres are more affordable.  Well below the medians in the major capital cities.  Perhaps less crime.  Larger properties and just the connection to a coastal environment in a rural environment.

    A lot depends on the performance of the local regional economy, but generally, growth rates are just slightly lower than what capital city growth rates are.  Those adjacent capital cities to rural centres.

    I guess one of the pitfalls for living in a regional area is that amenity and facilities and infrastructure aren't at the same level or quality as you'd expect in a capital city market.

    But look, with growing demand for coastal or rural lifestyles, with the growth in regional centres, that will increase economic activity and of course amenity and infrastructure will follow as a result.

    Well I think it's important that you do remain with a strong connection to a capital city market for its facilities and that means that at least you're within a one hour drive from say a major regional airport.  It just keeps that connection there.  And I think that also you want to go into a regional community which has a mix of economic opportunities as well.

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    About the author

    • Andrew Wilson

      Dr. Andrew Wilson, Senior Economist for Fairfax-owned Australian Property Monitors and Domain.com.au is our numbers man on The Great Australian Dream. As a leading commentator on the Australian property market, specialising in housing market analysis, Andrew has a strong following with weekly columns in the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age.

      Throughout the series, Andrew will help home buyers understand what the numbers really mean and reveal the forces driving the Australian property market whilst breaking down the jargon along the way. Dr Andrew Wilson has previously held senior property and construction research positions within industry, academia and government as well as holding a PhD and Masters in Research in Housing Market Economics.

      Andrew Wilson

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