• RAMS customers tell all


    RAMS customers tell all


    Q: How did you hear about RAMS? 

    Recommendation. Friend that deal already with this RAMS specialist and I met him. I really think we clicked straight away. Our friend, he introduced us to RAMS.Everything from there was super simple and easy and straightforward.

    Q: Why do you use RAMS? What was your experience? 

    For me, being with someone that you can call, is always next to you. He cares, is proactive, that's very important. 

    Q: Would you recommend RAMS? 

    Yeah, 100%. Absolutely, I think that I've been recommending more than 20 people already. We are thankful to our home loan specialist for answering all the hundred questions we made. Tried to get the best deal for us. So I'm actually a bit of an ambassador of RAMS. I want everyone to have the same experience that I had.They took care of us really well. Yep.

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