• Surviving your renovation


    How to survive your renovation


    Today, we'll meet a not so young couple, who bought a house in the area they want to live, specifically to renovate and get the outcome they want. 

    Alan, Deb, tell me what it is about this house that encouraged you to buy it?

    Well I suppose predominantly the area was the key point of interest for us.  We like the the block and the amenities.  It's a beautiful area to live in.

    Given your experience, what tips do you have for first-time buyers who are looking to renovate?

    The key thing really is plan well in advance.  Get a solid breakdown of your costs and you've got to stick to your budget as well.  As best you can.  Except for exceptional items, but that's where your contingency comes in.  So you need to make sure you've got a reasonable contingency. 

    I think back to the initial planning and working out what you want from it and then going about it.  Finding the right people to work with, finding the right suppliers and not being afraid to negotiate with them.  

    And that's obviously some of that experience that comes from 20 years of doing this process more than once.  I think this is our 12th renovation project over the years and we've owned probably about 30 houses over the period.  We're married for over 30 years so it's still a regular process because we loved it and we're very passionate about doing it.  It gets in the blood after a bit as well.

    But what have you learned now that you wish you knew 20 years ago when you bought that first house?

    I think one of the key things we have learned is to plan well in advance and be comfortable with your plans and don't make assumptions that other people know what you want.  

    And we do get hands-on as well from time to time. Just whatever we think is appropriate.  We had a quote in recently for painting for about twenty thousand dollars.  We will do that ourselves.  And we'll save that money.   

    And it means you can really afford to then get the icing on the cake. The fittings that are really going to set the room off and are going to look good, as well as be really functional. It's nice though as you can see the end result and it's potentially very financially rewarding as well.

    Thanks for those tips and tricks.  There's some really good advice from you and I wish you all the best and look forward to the completion of the renovation.

    Thank you.

    Alan and Deb, had some terrific tips for renovators.  Plan ahead, have a good relationship with your builder and your tradees and stick to your budget.

    Good luck with your renovation.


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