• Top Reno Tips with Kyal and Kara




    When you’re renovating there’s a lot of important things to consider, so planning is crucial to make sure the job runs smoothly. So we’ve made things a little easier for you and put together some great tips to help get you on your way.

    If you’ve been putting some cash away for the reno make sure it’s in a high interest savings account – like the RAMS Saver. Every little bit of extra money helps, especially when you get to the end of your budget. 

    If you’re borrowing funds to turn this reno into a reality, it's a good idea to speak to the RAMS Home Loan Specialist to work out how much you could potentially borrow. Doing this in the early planning stages – before you finalise plans could potentially save you a lot of money and prevent you from over spending in the design phase. 

    So now that you’ve got some cash and you’re ready to roll, it’s a great idea to do a budget breakdown for each area of the home, for example; kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. Then you can go one step further and do a break down for each of those areas.

    Good communication is a must, whether it’s with your builder, tradie or your better half… This will really play a part for first time renovators and if there’s something you don’t understand make sure you clarify with your builder or tradie.

    Be smart with your cash! The idea is to make it go as far as possible. So when it comes time to selecting finishes or appliances make sure you’re shopping around for a good deal and always get a few quotes. You can focus your spending on those big ticket areas like the bathroom and the kitchen, then pull back a little on bedrooms.

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