• Walk like Noah


    If you’re not sure how to start your home-buying journey, walk like Noah…

    You're never to young to climb the property ladder

    Noah was a 24 year old apprentice electrician living in a shared house in Brisbane’s CBD. His active social life and great career prospects kept him busy, but he was a little low on savings… well life wasn’t all about thinking about the future. Could he ever afford to buy a home?

    Don't believe the myths

    Noah wanted to achieve. He appreciated nice things in life, like cars, holidays, live music and the latest tech. But what he really wanted was to enjoy his sport, friends, family and career without spending all of his money on rent. 

    If Noah believed everything he heard, he could never afford to buy a property without changing his life. But was that true?

    You could be closer than you think

    Through his local RAMS Home Loan Specialist, Noah got some home loan advice, debunked those home buying myths and discovered that many young people were choosing to rent-vest to get on the property ladder. And with a good job, rental history and low debt, Noah found that he was closer to owning a property than he thought.

    Find your first home sooner

    By saving (with the will of a professional athlete) Noah secured the $25,000 deposit he needed and navigated the home loan approval process (with the help of a RAMS Home Loan Specialist), discovered what to avoid when buying an apartment and found the right conveyancer to complete his home buying journey quicker than he imagined.

    Walk like Noah, talk to RAMS

    Noah is now on the property ladder, while still enjoying the fun of share house life.

    Walk like Noah, start your home buying adventure with RAMS. 

    “I didn’t think I could actually get anything! But I was closer than I thought.”


    Note: This is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, businesses, places and incidents are used in a fictitious manner.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or deceased, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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