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    Our commitment

    We’re committed to making the content on this site accessible to the widest possible audience, including those: 

    • Using assistive technology such as screen readers and screen magnifiers
    • Who are unable to use a mouse
    • Dependent on the accessibility features of their web browser. 

    We strive to conform to the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and to comply with Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Version 2.1. Our site depends on the use of JavaScript for security purposes and some other functions.

    Our public complaints policy

    Our public complaints policy explains: 

    • how you may lodge a complaint;
    • the options available to assist customers who may need additional assistance to lodge a complaint;
    • our key steps for dealing with complaints, including acknowledgement, assessment and investigation, and provision of an IDR response;
    • response timeframes; and
    • details about accessing Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) where a complaint is not resolved.   

    You can see our large font version of our public complaints policy.

    Access and Inclusion Plan

    As part of the Westpac Group, our focus is to provide our customers, employees and community with independent and equal access to our products and services.

    View Access and Inclusion Plan.


    All images contain alternative (ALT) text. This ALT attribute is displayed when the site is visited with images "off" and voiced by screen readers. The null (or empty) ALT attribute used for ‘non-functional or brand-type’ images should be ignored by screen readers.

    Tables and forms

    Forms and tables use accessibility features that enable them to be used with screen readers.


    The JavaScript used has been designed to be accessible to most assistive technologies in common use today. With a few pages however, JavaScript is used to show or hide portions of some pages. When these pages are accessed with devices that do support this function, all information will be presented.


    For technical reasons (and to meet some legal requirements), our website contains a number of PDFs. Where possible, we provide an HTML alternative.  Adobe Acrobat Reader (http://www.adobe.com/products/reader) is required to read PDFs on the site. The Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe site, which also contains instructions for installing the software on your computer.

    Converting PDF

    The Adobe website also contains a tool and instructions for converting PDFs into web pages online (http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/access_onlinetools.html).  It works with most, but not all PDFs. However, the conversion can take some minutes.

    Contact us

    National-Relay-ServiceYou can contact us through the National Relay Service (NRS), an Australian Government initiative that offers an Australia-wide phone service for people who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment.  

    • Talk to text users phone 133 677 then ask for 137 267
    • Speak and listen users phone 1300 555 727 then ask for 137 267
    • Internet relay users connect to the NRS then ask for 137 267.  

    If you have a vision impairment or have mobility issues using smart devices, you can get in touch with our Customer Care team on 13 RAMS, that's 13 7267.

    Interpreter services for Non English customers

    Prefer a language other than English? We can help.  

    interpreter-access-inclusionThe Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) can help if English is not your first language, and you require the services of an interpreter to speak with RAMS about your home loan. 

    Our Telephone Banking Service can arrange for an interpreter to help you with your call should you prefer speaking in another language, subject to availability of translator(s). Simply ask our bank staff for an interpreter when you call us on 13 RAMS, that’s 13 7267.

    Vietnamese Quý vị muốn giao tiếp qua ngôn ngữ khác ngoài tiếng Anh? Chúng tôi có thể giúp quý vị. Dịch vụ Ngân hàng qua Điện thoại có thể thu xếp một thông dịch viên để giúp khi quý vị gọi đến chúng tôi và muốn nói tiếng Việt, tùy theo lúc có sẵn thông dịch viên. Khi gọi đến ngân hàng chúng tôi qua số 13 RAMS, nghĩa là số điện thoại 13 7267, hãy yêu cầu có thông dịch viên người Việt.
    Arabic  غير الإنكليزية؟ بإمكاننا مساعدتك في ذلك.  بإمكان خدمتنا للأعمال المصرفية عبر الهاتف أن تؤمّن لك مترجماً يساعدك في مكالمتك في حال فضّلت التحدث بالعربية، وإذا توفّر وجود مترجم. كل ما عليك هو طلب مترجم من موظّفي المصرف عند الاتصال بنا على الرقم 13 RAMS، أي 13 7267. 
    Chinese Traditional (Cantonese)

    希望使用英語以外的其他語言?我們可以幫助您。如果您希望用Cantonese(粵語)通話,只要有可能,我們就會安排口譯員幫您打電話。您在打電話13 72 67(也就是13 RAMS時,只要請銀行工作人員幫您安排口譯就行了。

    Chinese Simplified (Mandarin)

    希望使用英语以外的其他语言?我们可以帮助您。如果您希望用Mandarin(普话)通话,只要有可能,我们就会安排口译员帮您打电话。您在打电话13 72 67(也就是13 RAMS时,只要请银行工作人员帮您安排口译就行了。


    زبانی غیر از انگلیسی رل ترجیح می‌دهید؟  ما می‌توانیم کمک کنیم. سرویس خدمات بانکی تلفنی ما می‌تواند ترتیبی بدهد که یک مترجم، در صورت در دسترس بودن،  در تلفن زدنتان به شما کمک کند. فقط کافی است که وقتی به 13 RAMS، یعنی شماره 13 7267 تلفن می‌زنید به کارکندان ما بگویید که مترجم می‌خواهید

    Access and Inclusion Plan  

    If you would like more information, you can view Access and Inclusion Plan.
  • Call 13 RAMS,
    that's 13 7267

    Mon–Fri 8am–8pm, Sat–Sun 9am–5pm (AEST)

    If you're overseas please call +612 9647 6967

    RAMS Head Office

    Level 12, 321 Kent Street
    SYDNEY NSW 2000 


    RAMS Financial Group Pty Ltd
    Locked Bag 5001
    Concord West, NSW 2138


    1300 656 728

  • Media enquiries:

    For journalists only: 

    Westpac Media Relations can’t assist with customer account queries or advertising enquiries.

    ASIC’s Reference Checking and Information Sharing Protocol

    For reference requests and enquiries, please email us at
    referenceprotocol@rams.com.au.  See below for more information.

  • Feedback and complaints

    At RAMS we welcome your suggestions, compliments and complaints as an opportunity to improve our service, provide feedback to our staff and put things right when we have let you down. 

    National public holiday hours

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