Following Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision to increase the cash rate by 0.50%. RAMS will increase home loan variable interest rates by 0.50% for new and existing customers effective 18 Aug 2022
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  • Redraw

    A redraw facility allows you to make additional repayments into your loan account and then access these extra funds when necessary (subject to any conditions that apply to the product). Its two key advantages are:


    • It encourages borrowers to make extra repayments, thereby potentially saving in interest costs; and
    • It provides flexible access to funds if they are needed later


    A redraw facility gives you the flexibility to put more towards the loan when you have cash available, whilst knowing you can access your extra repayments later on if you wish to. Of course, there’s a great incentive not to access them – you could repay your debt faster and save money on interest changes. All RAMS home loans have a redraw facility. Minimum redraw amounts may apply, so check the individual product features for full details of fees and conditions.  

    Redraw benefits

    The benefits of a RAMS redraw facility include: 

    • Redraws are free.
    • There’s no annual limit on the number of redraws you make.
    • Some RAMS home loans have no minimum redraw amount.

    Is redraw right for you?  

    A redraw facility usually works best for borrowers who only need occasional access to their extra repayments.