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  • 06 March 2014

    Women less ‘stressed’ about mortgages than men

    Research suggests gender can be a factor in attitudes to mortgage debt

    New evidence from home loan lender RAMS says that even with the difference in income earning capacity and workplace participation between Australian men and women, women were less likely to suffer mortgage stress than men.

    RAMS Chief Operating Officer Mrs Susan Bannigan says "Homeowners can find it challenging to juggle finances. This is especially true of woman with children.

    "As a result, female primary mortgage holders tend to be highly organised and quicker to get professional advice on offers and loan features, which in our experience make them less likely to get into difficulties."

    Home loans are now far more flexible financial products than in the past, with options that allow borrowers to reduce their mortgage payments for several months at a time during a lifestyle change such as parental leave, freeing up cash flow for other priorities. Many borrowers remain unaware of these facilities.

    In response to the flexible lifestyles of many mortgage holders, RAMS has launched the 'Full Feature home loan' which features a discounted variable rate, the option to make interest only payments, the ability to redraw overpayments and EFTPOS access to your account when your salary is paid into it.

    "It's important that mortgage holders speak to their lender and understand their loan, how it works, what it offers and see if it suits their circumstances." said Ms Bannigan.