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RAMS Saver

Online savings account

RAMS Saver

RAMS Saver is a completely online savings account, easily managed via myRAMS where you can deposit, withdraw and transfer funds.

Key benefits

Interest rate

up to 1.40% p.a. (including bonus interest and up to $500,000 balance) calculated daily, paid monthly
Bonus Interest (currently 1.30% p.a. above the Base Rate and subject to change) will be payable on your RAMS Saver account for each month in which during that month: 
• you deposit at least $200; 
• you have made no withdrawals; and 
• you keep your balance between $200 and $500,000

No fees

Absolutely no fees or minimum balance or fixed term requirements

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*No bonus interest of 1.30% p.a. is earned if account balance is above $500,000. Base rate will be earned if balance is above $500,000, up to $5 million. No interest is earned if account balance is above $5 million.

^ Subject to system availability.

Please refer to the RAMS Deposit Accounts Terms and Conditions and RAMS Deposit Rates and Fees.