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    Find out how much principal and interest you actually pay on your home loan!

  • Ever wondered how much of your repayment goes towards paying the interest off your home loan and how much reduces the actual loan? See how hard your repayments are working for you with the RAMS Home Loan Principal and Interest Calculator. It even lets you save the figures, so you can track how you’re going against your loan. And if you have any questions, simply give RAMS Home Loans a call or make an appointment online to talk to a RAMS Home Loan Specialist.

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  • Disclaimer: The formulas used to provide answers in these home loan calculator tables will provide close approximations of the real-life figures. They do not take into account such items as establishment or application fees, government charges and the like. They should be regarded as indicative only. Check with RAMS Home Loans for final figures. Loan terms of up to 30 years apply to RAMS’ home loan products.