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For developers interested in using the Product API

RAMS Open Banking Product API

The RAMS Open Banking Product API (Application Programming Interface) enables third parties to retrieve information about products that RAMS currently offers. It is designed and documented to support the Australian Consumer Data Standards

Our Product API includes products for both retail and business customers, such as: 

  • Transaction Accounts
  • Savings Accounts

Data for additional products will be progressively added to the API in line with the timeframes specified by the Consumer Data Right rules.

How to access our API:

Product details including conditions, rates and fees may change from time to time without notice. Please direct your end users to refer to for current product details.

Product reference data for RAMS as well as other Westpac Group brands is available at the following URL: 


Key features
  • Products - Products that are currently openly offered to the market
  • Features - Array of features available for the product
  • Constraints - Constraints on the application for or operation of the product such as minimum balances or limit thresholds
  • Eligibility - Eligibility criteria for the product 
  • Fees - Fees applicable for the product
  • Deposit Rates - Interest rates available for deposits
  • Lending Rates - Interest rates charged against lending balances 
How it works
  • Product API is a RESTful API that provides the data via HTTP GET requests.
  • The data returned is in the format specified by the Australian Consumer Data Standards.
  • The API is available to everyone with no restrictions on use. 
Requirements to use As per the standards defined by Australian Consumer Data Standards, no security or other headers are required to call this API. 

Known issues

There are currently no known issues with the Product API.