• myRAMS - online tools for RAMS customers

  • All in one place, online, anytime.

    Managing your money has never been easier with myRAMS. Access your RAMS accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; wherever you have internet access – at home, overseas and even from your mobile phone (contact us to find out whether your mobile phone is compatible).

    myRAMS allows you to transfer funds, pay bills and check transactions with ease, all in a secure environment. You can also nickname your accounts and set up SMS alerts.

    Register for myRAMS today!

    To access the site, you simply need to register by calling 13 RAMS, that's 13 7267.


    RAMS employs a range of security measures to help ensure a secure online experience with myRAMS and help protect your personal account information. Read more about some of the ways you can keep your computer safe and how to protect your mobile.

  • Account Hub

    See your accounts in one place!

    Account Hub lets you see your bank, credit card, investment and loyalty program accounts securely in the RAMS Mobile app.

    Choose the accounts you want to view whenever you log in to myRAMS Mobile. You will be able to see the balances of your accounts with these other providers.

    RAMS Mobile app is available from the App Store for iOS devices. 

  • myRAMS is not available to Companies and Trusts and is subject to systems availability.