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Raymond A Ram

Thanks to shear rambunctiousness and a little help from RAMS, Raymond has already made a real difference to many thousands of Australians.

A truly Australian yarn

Raymond A Ram was born in Goulburn, NSW - to proud and loving parents Dolly (the original, not the clone!) and Reginald. They were well-respected members of a tight-knit community and brought Raymond up with a strong sense of doing the Ram name proud.

Ewes-ful tip

Keep in mind that this tale of Raymond's life and times was woven together from various accounts by his many friends at RAMS, relatives and flock.

While we've done our best to corroborate these accounts of Raymond's history, we can’t be 100% sure – given his larrikin nature – if any wool has been pulled over our eyes.

Beyond the paddock

Raymond was raised with the good old-fashioned Aussie values of hard work and a fair go. And it seemed the future in store for Raymond was the conventional path of grazing, producing the very best wool, and finding a nice ewe to settle down with.

But young Raymond began to think there had to be more to a Ram's life, and it wasn't long before his passion for performing made itself apparent.

After a few low budget productions at the local agricultural show, he landed a role as an extra in a certain blockbuster, starring a little piglet.

Yet, even in this minor role Raymond's individuality and talent stood out from the flock of other actors. His feel-good portrayal of a likeable larrikin was noted by the critics and helped secure him a role in a well-received Broadway production of 'Ramlet'. Raymond was on his way.

From Ramlet to Ram-bo

Offers for movie parts began coming in thick and fast. And at one point he was being tipped to take the leading role in a remake of 'Ram-bo'.

But for a dyed-in-the-wool country boy, the self-obsessed world of celebrity showbiz soon had Raymond longing to keep it real with the mateship and down-to-earth attitudes of the flock.

Returning to his grass roots, Raymond discovered that his twin brother Bruce (who was now running his own newly established sheep-dog training academy) and his wife Sheila were having trouble finding a lender to help them buy their first shed.

They were in a bit of a bind because they didn't want to go through a major baaaaank as they didn't think they'd be taken seriously.

Not one for following the herd or being sheepish, Raymond decided to put all his energy into finding a better way for Australians to achieve their dream of home (or shed) ownership.

A Rambassador is born

So after much positive discussion and encouragement he finally felt he'd found his calling and decided to make use of his fame to become a Rambassador for something important.

And that's how in 1995, Raymond became the face of RAMS home loans.

He's never regretted swapping the big screen for appearing on TV, radio, print and online promoting RAMS. He even put his face to the now famous RAMS slippers, which still keep thousands of Aussie feet warm to this day.

All it takes is shear tenacity

Thanks to shear rambunctiousness and a little help from RAMS, Raymond has already made a real difference to many thousands of Australians.

But, not being one to graze around, he'll always be looking for ways to make the lives of fellow Australians simply better.