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7 steps to buying a house

RAMS’ 7 steps to buying a house guide is here to help you find your way through the maze of information on everything related to buying a property!

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7 steps to home ownership

We're here to help you to find your way through the maze of information that's out there, to give you the lowdown on everything from house-hunting to home loans, budget planning, making an offer and organising your move.

So you are considering becoming home owners? Congratulations! At RAMS, we want to make sure we take the hassle out of the whole process – as owning your home can seem like a daunting exercise at first. What should you do first and foremost? How can you save time during the process? 

Here are the 7 main steps to buying a house

The right home loan for you

A RAMS home loan specialist will learn about you, and your circumstances, and then tailor just the right loan to suit you and your stage of life.

Step 2 - Find a loan that suits you

Talk to a home loan specialist (use our cheat sheet of questions to ask your lender) and know what your loan options are.

Step 3 - Prepare for the real cost of buying

Buying a property doesn’t stop at the price tag: there are additional fees involved  such as valuation and legal fees. Plan your budget!

Step 4 - Search for your new home

Are you considering a house, an apartment or an investment property? Whatever your selection, numerous factors can and will influence the value of the property such as long term growth potential or access to amenities.

Step 5 - Make an offer

Be prepared!  Have a look at our tips on finance, inspection and bidding as you need to sort those aspects out before making your offer.

Step 6 - Follow the buying process

After your offer has been accepted and before you obtain the keys, a few important items need to be settled such as stamp duty and insurances . 

Step 7 - Move in!

Congratulations – the place is now yours! It’s now time to move into your new property and plan ahead with your finances so you can to help pay off your mortgage sooner

Speak to a home loan specialist