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Kyal and Kara Blue Lagoon Build - Episode 5

05 May 2020


Kyal and Kara have designed an amazing kids play zone in this latest episode of Blue Lagoon Build. A big kid at heart, Kyal is in his element for this one!

Kyal and Kara are currently building their dream family home on the NSW Central Coast. Building from scratch has given them the opportunity to design a home that's tailor-made to suit their lifestyle and cater to all their needs and wants.

With two young children, Ziya, 3, and Vada, 2, Kyal and Kara are focused on creating a home that is family-friendly, flexible and fun, without compromising on style.

As well as the kid's bedroom and toy room, Kyal and Kara have incorporated a 'rumpus' room into the home to create a space where they can all comfortably hang out as a family. But this is no ordinary rumpus room.

Kyal and Kara Ep 5 rumpus room
High ceilings fitted with highlight windows ensure the rumpus room is flooded with natural light

The rumpus room flows off the main living area so, to make it feel like an extension of the home rather than a separate kids-only area, Kara has continued the same calming neutral colour scheme and Mediterranean-coastal theme through to this space. 

Kyal and Kara Ep 5 rumpus room from high

Subtle pops of colour have been introduced into the rumpus room in the way of cushions and a custom artwork by Ashleigh Holmes.

To inject a sense of playfulness and make use of the soaring ceilings in this room, Kyal has built a mezzanine loft with a netted void that is only accessible by ladder. (Talk about fun!) 

Kyal and Kara Ep 5 rumpus room and ladder

A fold-down ladder provides access to the mezzanine loft. 

Kyal and Kara Ep 5 loft
 The netted void allows you to float above the lounge.

"There's such high ceilings here and it's always lent itself to the opportunity to have something cool like a loft and, in my mind, I wanted to do that somewhere in the house, and this just seemed like the perfect spot," says Kyal.

Upstairs, in the kid's bedroom, Kyal has custom built some nautical-inspired bunk beds for Ziya and Vada, in the hope they will one day share this room.

Kyal and Kara Ep 5 kids room with toys

Kyal custom built the bunk beds which have been painted in Taubmans Endure 'Charcoal Grey'.

"Although the bunk was a bit of a mission to build, it's definitely worthwhile doing," says Kyal.

"I think all those little touches, like the little nautical light, helped to create a fun zone for the kids," adds Kara. 

Kyal and Kara Ep 5 kids room

Natural tones make the room feel calm and cosy while colour in introduced through the decor. Dawn Art Quilt from Greenhouse Interiors 

Downstairs, there are two bedrooms that will likely become the kid's bedrooms when they're older. But, for now, Kara has decided to turn one of them into a toy room.

Colourful sea shell wall stickers created by a local artist give the room a whimsical feel, while natural timber accents and soft muted colours, make the room feel calm. 

Kyal and Kara Ep 5 toy room

Removable wall stickers by Farrah's Stone, available at KK Homewares, turn a blank wall into a work of art.

"I think we've renamed the toy room the sea shell room," says Kara. "The kids love it. It's bright, it's fun, and I love that the stickers are removable so, as time goes on, if we want to mix it up, we can completely change the look." 

Kyal and Kara Ep 5 toy room with pram

"Style bookshelves with your little one's favourite books and toys and change them up as their favourites change," says Kara.

It's safe to say the rumpus room was a big hit with the kids and the grown-ups.

"I cannot wait to just get in there with the kids, have some popcorn, throw on a movie and just lounge around on the couch," says Kyal.

Kyal and Kara's kid-friendly interior design tips 

  • When selecting furniture, think about how it can adapt to suit changing needs as the kids get older. For example, a quality timber chest of drawers that can work with an array of bedroom themes. Or, avoiding the racing car bed and opt for a more neutral bed that can evolve as your little one grows. Beds with trundles or bunk beds are a great option. Especially if the bottom bunk bed can be moved to accommodate a desk as your little ones needs evolve.
  • Although we all love the fresh, crisp appeal of fresh white walls, it's not always the most practical option in rooms such as a kids bedroom, where little hands and feet are likely to be everywhere. Opting for a darker colour is a great way to conceal little finger prints and marks.
  • In kids' rooms, create a theme that is meaningful for them. I know my kids love the ocean and spending time at our local rock pools, so a sea shell-themed room was fitting.
  • Removable wall stickers are a great option as they can be moved around without damaging the paint work to create different looks. 

Originally published on Homes to Love as “Kyal and Kara create a rumpus room the whole family can enjoy”.


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