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8 tips that could help you save money at home

Rising costs of living mean most of us need to pay closer attention to our budget, and every little bit counts.

8 tips that could help you save money at home

19 September 2022

Rising costs of living mean most of us need to pay closer attention to our budget, and every little bit counts.

So, while a saving of $20 here and there may not seem to be bank-busting at first, when you add up all your savings at the end of a year or quarter, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you see. 

Here’s eight things you could do around your property to help you to save a little money.

1.     Audit your bills 

Check the fine print on your utilities and services bills. Are there fees or products you didn’t ask for or don’t use? Cut back on things you don’t need and speak up about things you’re not sure about. And maybe even consider calling the company to see whether there are any discounts or offers they could apply to your account.

2.     Think about a maintenance plan 

Just like a home budget, a home maintenance plan could help you save. Rather than waiting until things break and you’re held hostage on price because the need is urgent, regularly go around your home and check for anything that might be on its last legs. 

You’ll be able to catch problems before they become a catastrophe, and you’ll see that regular attention could help you save you on labour costs.

3.      Ditch the disposables 

Experts say not buying paper towels is one of the best possible ways to save money at home. So, if you’re a big paper towel user, see if you can reuse a cloth or old clothes instead, and put things like dryer sheets to work as dust cloths for the TV. 

Better for the wallet, better for the environment.

4.     Keep updates cheap and cheerful

Instead of replacing furniture outright or spending heavily on high end décor, try a simple face lift first. 

A few bright cushions on an older couch, a coat of paint on a dresser or bland wall, some nice frames with photos; these all give your space new energy without excessive expense.

5.     Consider an energy audit 

Having an energy audit performed on your home can identify specific improvements that can be made around the house to save money. 

This might include installing energy-saving appliances like smart meters or automated shut-off switches, or having insulation installed. 

There might also be some simple things you can do around the home to save on heating and cooling costs, like using door snakes to stop cool or hot air from entering the home.

6.     Clean up to stop doubling up 

Have you ever bought something only to get home and find you already had one of them stashed away in a cupboard? 

It’s actually very common, especially with clothes, appliances and entertainment like DVDs or games. 

Apart from making you feel better, cleaning and organising can help you avoid buying multiples of the same thing, or things you don’t really need because you’ve got something that can do the job instead. 

Know what you’ve got, so you know what you need to spend on.

7.     Utilise online communities 

Online communities and online marketplaces let you make money with items sitting unused around your house, and help you get a hold of things you need, like clothes, furniture, and tools, cheaply or for free. So, have a think about things you might be willing to part ways with and/or items that you might be able to buy second-hand. 

8.     Start a veggie or herb garden

Where you live and your gardening skills might make this more or less practical for your situation, but if you can get a garden – even a tiny or boxed one – up and running you can save plenty in the kitchen by growing those more expensive items, like tomatoes and herbs

If your resources are limited, consider pitching in with neighbours for a community garden that you can all share. 

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