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How to live like a Minimalist

The minimalist movement has gained popularity because of the life changing benefits of removing physical and mental clutter. 

How to live like a Minimalist

20 September 2019

Minimalism is best known as the simple and bare interior trend, but it’s so much more than that! The minimalist movement has gained popularity because of the life changing benefits of removing physical and mental clutter. Naturally you’ll discover you can live with less, which equals more space, time and money, and who doesn’t want that

So, using a minimalist’s approach to living, here’s some tips you can implement to optimise your life and pave your own version to freedom!

List goals and track them

Why do we want to live more minimally? It could be to save for a home project, have more time to spend with your family or be less stressed overall. By checking in on our goals regularly, we can remind ourselves where we are willing to spend or save to avoid unnecessary impulse buys.

Tidy up your home

Remember the sigh of relief when you sit back to enjoy a view or simply a freshly cleaned home? That’s because clear open spaces naturally trigger a relaxed state. Imagine feeling that all the time! Donate or sell duplicates, unused items and declare clutter-free zones. Check out the KonMari method to help you get started. You’re guaranteed to feel instantly relieved.

Clear your calendar (or make one)

Consolidate any calendars you have, like work, family and personal. You’ll then be able to see red flags like overlaps and too many back-to-back appointments which can leave you frazzled and burnt out. If you don’t have a calendar, make one – the more you know about your plans that day, the more it will allow you to make considered decisions for a structured routine. Your mind will thank you.

Declutter day-to-day expenses

Money can be stressful. So, time to take charge and get to know your bank statements. Pay close attention to outgoings as it’s common for free trial periods to end, or auto-renewals to continue without any notice. You may also realise the stark reality of unnecessary spending or overspending on items that you could reel in on like dining out or entertainment.

Trim major on-going payments

Trimming off bells and whistles like multiple credit cards or asking your RAMS Home Loan Specialist about offset accounts and consolidating debts could potentially save you not only time, but money as well.

Reduce and Reuse 

Replacing one-single items in your home with reusable ones can save storage space, money and reduces environmental impact. For example, most cafes will offer discounts if you bring in a reusable cup, a saving as small as 0.20 cents saves you $52 a year! Combined with other savings you find; this can add up to saving hundreds of dollars.

Invest in quality, not quantity

Avoid adding clutter and spending more on replacing items. Invest in good quality items that will last longer and save you money in the long run.