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  • Account Hub Terms and Conditions

    Privacy consent and disclosure statement

    In addition to the personal information we already hold about you, when you register and use Account Hub, we will collect the following information:

    • names of your Third Party Providers and account types of Third Party Accounts, and
    • the number of times you update the Account Information.

    We are unable to provide Account Hub without collecting the above information.

    By registering and using Account Hub, you consent to our collection, storage, use and disclosure of this information in accordance with clause 5 of these terms and conditions. If you do not wish for us to collect, hold, use or disclose this information, you should not register and use Account Hub.

    Terms and conditions and important information for Account Hub

    You must read these terms and conditions before using Account Hub. These terms and conditions apply to you when you use Account Hub.

    Take care!

    Account Hub allows you to view and transact on your Third Party Accounts by logging into myRAMS Mobile app.  This means that your customer ID number and myRAMS Password gives you ready access to a variety of accounts you choose. You must ensure no-one else can access those accounts by getting hold of your customer ID number and myRAMS Password.

    So it is very important that you keep your customer ID number and myRAMS Password secure and make every effort to ensure that they are not misused, lost or stolen. 

    Account Hub is made available through an arrangement RAMS has with eWise Systems Pty Limited ABN 14 091 619 760.  Pursuant to that agreement, eWise licenses to us the software necessary to provide Account Hub. eWise has no access to any customer data or information.  We do not enter into any agreement with the Third Party Providers

    You can only use Account Hub if you have access to myRAMS and the myRAMS Mobile app. You may stop your use of Account Hub at any time.

    1. About these terms and conditions

    By setting up your access to Account Hub, we are offering to provide you with the use of Account Hub under these terms and conditions. Please read this document carefully.

    The meaning of words printed like this and some other words with special meanings is given in clause 16 at the end of these terms and conditions.

    These terms and conditions apply to your use of Account Hub in addition to:

    • myRAMS terms and conditions, and
    • the terms and conditions applicable to any account you have with us that you access using myRAMS.

    If there is an inconsistency between the above, these terms and conditions prevail in respect of Account Hub.

    If you do not understand any part of these terms and conditions, or if you have any questions, please call RAMS Customer Service Team on 13 RAMS, that's 13 7267 (or +61 2 9647 6967 if outside Australia), or via email at myrams@rams.com.au

    2. About Account Hub

    2.1 What is Account Hub?

    Account Hub allows you to view and transact on your Third Party Accounts on myRAMS Mobile app. Account Hub will consolidate, organise and present Account Information collected from Third Party Providers.  

    After registering for Account Hub, Third Party Accounts will be accessible through your Account Summary Screen when you log into myRAMS Mobile app.  This will allow you to view the Account Information and transact on Third Party Accounts when using myRAMS Mobile app.

    By using Account Hub, you do not have to log in separately to the websites of Third Party Providers to view or transact on Third Party Accounts.  myRAMS Mobile app will log in to the websites of Third Party Providers for you. 

    2.2 How to use Account Hub

    You must have an active internet session to use Account Hub.

    To set up Account Hub, you must:

    • sign up to myRAMS
    • download and install myRAMS Mobile app
    • read and accept these terms and conditions by ticking the acknowledgement box that appears on myRAMS Mobile app
    • select each Third Party Account you wish to access via Account Hub and enter your Login Information for each selected Third Party Account.  You can add additional Third Party Accounts by following this step. 

    You will be able to view the Account Information for each Third Party Account you add to myRAMS Mobile app.  This means that by logging into myRAMS by using your customer ID number and myRAMS Password, you have access to a variety of accounts.  You must keep your myRAMS Password secret in accordance with myRAMS terms and conditions.   

    The list of Third Party Providers accessible via Account Hub is maintained by eWise. The list of accessible Third Party Providers may change at any time.

    2.3 How does Account Hub work?

    When you add Third Party Accounts to  myRAMS Mobile app, the Login Information is encrypted and stored within the Digital Safe.  We do not hold the Login Information at RAMS.  This allows your mobile device  to log into the sites of Third Party Providers

    At your request, Account Hub uses the Login Information stored in the Digital Safe to log into the websites of your Third Party Providers, extract the relevant Account Information and present the information to your Account Summary Screen on myRAMS Mobile app.  Depending on the sign in process adopted by a Third Party Provider, you may be required to enter additional authentication details (e.g. token authentication) in order to extract your Account Information. If you wish to perform a transaction, Account Hub at your request will also retrieve the relevant fields to allow you to complete the transaction. 

    The above processes are initiated and controlled by you.  

    The Login Information and Account Information for your Third Party Accounts travel between the Digital Safe and the Third Party Provider only.  It is never seen, collected or stored by us. It does not pass through our servers. The Account Information retrieved from Third Party Accounts is encrypted and stored within the Digital Safe.  Next time you use myRAMS Mobile app, this information will appear on your Account Summary Screen

    Clause 5 below sets out the information we collect, use or store when you use Account Hub.  

    2.4 Currency of information

    The Account Information displayed at the beginning of each session will be data from your previous session. To update the Account Information, select the Third Party Account you wish to update and click on the "Refresh" icon. Your Account Information for the selected Third Party Accounts will then be retrieved from the Third Party Providers.  You may update any one or multiple Third Party Accounts.

    Every time you update the Account Information for a Third Party Account, your mobile device logs into the site of the applicable Third Party Provider and this may be recognised as a log-in to that Third Party Provider's website. 

    2.5 Security

    When you use Account Hub, you are within the secure environment of myRAMS which you can access using your customer ID number and myRAMS Password only.

    Account Hub securely encrypts (at Triple DES security level) and stores your Login Information and Account Information for Third Party Accounts in the Digital Safe.  This information is accessible only once you log into myRAMS Mobile app

    This means, for example if your mobile device is stolen, access to the Login Information and Account Information stored within the Digital Safe should not be possible without your customer ID number and myRAMS Password

    If someone compromises our servers, they will not be able to access your Login Information or Account Information as that information is stored within the Digital Safe only and not on our servers.

    You must tell us immediately if you become aware of or suspect that your mobile device has been compromised in any way that impacts or may impact myRAMS Mobile app.  If you no longer have access to your mobile device for any reason (for example due to loss or theft), and you have not cancelled your registration for Account Hub in accordance with clause 7 before such an event, then you must report this to us immediately.  On such notice, we will suspend access to myRAMS.  To use Account Hub following suspension, you will need to call 13 RAMS, that's 13 7267 and have myRAMS reactivated, install myRAMS Mobile app on any replacement mobile device and re-enter the Login Information for Third Party Accounts.

    In accordance with the myRAMS terms and conditions, you must tell us as soon as possible if you know or suspect that the security of your myRAMS Password has been breached.

    3. Your responsibilities

    You acknowledge that:

    • you are responsible for notifying Third Party Providers and us if you become aware, or suspect that your mobile device has been compromised in any way
    • you are aware of the terms and conditions of your Third Party Accounts with Third Party Providers and  it is your responsibility to make yourself aware of any changes to the terms and conditions, disclaimers or limitations of liability of the Third Party Providers
    • you will comply with any agreement you have with Third Party Providers
    • you will comply with any terms and conditions, rules and procedures (however prescribed) in relation to Third Party Accounts
    • you will delete myRAMS Mobile app and cancel registration for Account Hub in accordance with clause 7  before you sell or otherwise dispose of your mobile device
    • you are responsible to update the Login Information stored in the Digital Safe for any Third Party Accounts following any change of that information
    • your use of Third Party Providers' sites and the links to them are entirely at your own risk and we have no control over those sites, and
    • your use of Account Hub is for your own personal use only.

    You warrant both now, and each time you use Account Hub to retrieve Account Information from Third Party Providers or to transact on Third Party Accounts, that:

    • your acceptance of these terms and conditions; and
    • your use of Account Hub; and
    • your performance of your obligations under these terms and conditions,

    does not involve you breaching any of your obligations (whether contractual or not and whether legally enforceable or not) and you are authorised to access and transact on Third Party Accounts. If you are unsure about any of above, please contact your applicable Third Party Provider

    4. Costs

    We do not currently charge for use of Account Hub.  However, we may introduce new fees at a future date by amending these terms and conditions in accordance with clause 14.

    If you do not wish to pay the fees, you may terminate your use of Account Hub in accordance with clause 7.

    You are responsible for any fees associated with accessing Third Party Accounts through your Login Information (whether or not authorised by you) (eg fees charged by provider of Third Party Accounts for online access).

    5. Privacy

    When you register and use Account Hub, we collect and hold the following information:

    • your name and customer ID number which is used to identify you as an account holder and myRAMS customer
    • names of your Third Party Providers and account types of Third Party Accounts, and
    • the number of times you update the Account Information.

    We are unable to provide Account Hub without collecting and holding the above information.  We will delete the names of your Third Party Providers and account types of Third Party Accounts, and the number of times you update the Account Information, after you cancel your registration for Account Hub. We will continue to hold your name and customer ID number to be able to provide other products and services, and satisfy our legal obligations.

    The information we collect from you will be used to provide you with Account Hub services.  We will use and disclose your personal information to other members of the Westpac Group, RAMS franchisees, anyone we engage to do something on our behalf, and other organisations that assist us with our business. Our privacy policy, available at RAMS.com.au or by calling 13 RAMS, that's 13 7267, contains information about how we handle your personal information. 

    6. Liability

    6.1 Our provision of Account Hub

    We provide Account Hub to you as an independent service provider in accordance with these terms and conditions. We are not your agents and we have no authority to enter sites of Third PartyProviders to retrieve details of Third Party Accounts or transact on Third Party Accounts on your behalf.

    To the extent permitted by law and except as set out in these terms and conditions, your use of Account Hub is at your sole risk.

    You understand and acknowledge that:

    • Account Hub works by providing you with the means to access and store information on your mobile device
    • Account Hub works by you providing information to interface with a range of Third Party Providers' web or mobile portals
    • we make no representation or warranty as to the security of information located on the sites of Third Party Providers
    • Account Hub does not always provide the disclosures, notifications and links from Third Party Providers that accompany Account Information
    • other than your rights under the ACL, we make no warranties (whether implied, statutory or otherwise) relating to Third Party Accounts or any other subject matter of these terms and conditions, and
    • you may experience interruptions and errors in using the Account Hub and neither we, or any of our underlying service providers, licensors, employees, distributors or agents, or Third Party Providers warrant that Account Hub will be uninterrupted or error free.

    6.2 Unauthorised transactions

    Unauthorised transactions can occur in a number of different ways. We will not be liable for any damage you suffer due to an unauthorised transaction on a Third Party Account.

    If there are any unauthorised transactions on any of your Third Party Accounts, you must:

    • contact the relevant Third Party Provider; and
    • follow the Third Party Provider's procedures to deal with the matter; and
    • require the Third Party Provider to remedy or compensate you for any losses you may have suffered, to the extent of your legal rights.

    You should contact the relevant Third Party Provider for further details about their policies about unauthorised transactions and Account Hub

    6.3 Our liability is limited

    Subject to the myRAMS terms and conditions and except in relation to your rights under the ACL, we will not be liable for any damage you suffer:

    • as a result of accessing, using or interacting with the Account Hub
    • as a result of any parties' reliance on the information obtained through use of Account Hub
    • due to any failure or delay of Account Hub to provide information or perform operations requested
    • due to unavailability of Account Hub and/or events beyond our control such as internet connection or reconfiguration of the Third Party Providers' site
    • due to timeliness, accuracy, reliability, completeness or currency of information obtained through use of Account Hub
    • due to inaccuracies, omissions, errors or delay in Account Hub
    • due to loss or corruption of data held on mobile device
    • as a result of us being prevented from actioning any task because of something that we cannot reasonably control, for example unavailability of any third party site or your mobile device failing to function properly, or
    • in relation to a link from Account Hub to a third party site.

    This clause does not apply where the damage arises from:

    • our negligence or wilful default, or negligence or wilful default by our agents, or
    • us breaching a condition or warranty implied into these terms and conditions under consumer protection legislation, if that condition or warranty cannot be excluded, modified or restricted.

    7. Term

    You can cancel your registration for Account Hub at any time by:

    • selecting Third Party Accounts within Account Hub, and
    • clicking the "Remove" button for each Third Party Account which is currently added to myRAMS Mobile app.

    You must do this for all mobile devices that are registered with Account Hub. Deleting the myRAMS Mobile app from your mobile device does not remove the Digital Safe. You must cancel your registration for Account Hub by taking these steps in order to remove the Digital Safe from your mobile device.

    We may terminate or cease your access to Account Hub without prior notice and without liability if any of the following apply:

    • you cease to have access to myRAMS for any reason
    • you use Account Hub for a purpose other than personal purposes or otherwise seek to interfere with the security of Account Hub
    • your use of Account Hub is a breach of these terms and conditions or our acceptable use policy
    • we believe that you no longer wish to continue to use Account Hub because you have not used it for a period of at least three months, or
    • an immediate change is necessary to restore or maintain the security of myRAMS or Account Hub.

    We may also:

    • cease allowing you to obtain Account Information from any particular Third Party Accounts or Third Party Providers, or suspend your access to all or part of the Account Hub, and/or 
    • terminate your use of Account Hub

    by giving you at least 30 days' written notice.  We may give you a shorter notice period, or no notice, if we believe doing so is necessary for us to avoid, or to reduce, a material increase in our credit risk or our loss. 

    Termination or cessation means you cease to have the right to use the Account Hub, and all terms in these terms and conditions by which you enjoy that right, including without limitation clauses 2 and 8 cease to have effect, but all other terms apply as appropriate.

    8. Using Account Hub from other mobile devices

    Account Hub is only accessible from your mobile device that has downloaded and installed myRAMS Mobile app.

    To use Account Hub from multiple mobile devices, you will need to install myRAMS Mobile app and re-enter the Login Information for each Third Party Account.  This is because the Login Information for Account Hub to work is stored within the Digital Safe on each individual mobile device.

    9. Relationship with Third Party Providers

    Account Hub is provided without the consent of Third Party Providers, and there are no relevant contractual arrangements between us and any Third Party Provider relating to the provision of Account Hub.

    We make no representation that any Third Party Provider or other third party endorses Account Hub and us providing access to Third Party Providers' names, marks, products or services or by providing hypertext links to third party sites does not indicate any such endorsement.

    10. Indemnities  

    To the extent permitted by law, you indemnify us and any of our underlying service providers, licensors, employees, distributors or agents against liability or loss arising from, or any costs incurred in connection with:

    • your failure fully to observe your obligations under these terms and conditions
    • any act, error, or omission by you, including in relation to incorrect, incomplete, or misleading information
    • invasion of privacy, or
    • you breaching any applicable law.

    11. ePayments Code and the Banking Code of Practice  

    The ePayments Code is an Australian industry code which governs certain electronic payments to or from your account where you are an individual. We will comply with the ePayments Code where it applies.

    The Australian Banking Association’s banking code of practice as updated, and adopted by us, from time to time (Banking Code) sets out the standards of practice and service in the Australian banking industry for individuals and small business customers, and their guarantors who are individuals.

    The relevant provisions of the Banking Code apply to the banking services referred to in these terms and conditions. This means that we will comply with the Banking Code, where it applies to the banking services provided to you.

    You can view a copy of the Banking Code on our website or ask us for a hard copy over the phone. 

    12. About this agreement

    When you access or use Account Hub, you accept these terms and conditions and are bound by them.

    If you have previously used Account Hub, your first use of Account Hub after any changes to these terms and conditions are notified (see clause 14) indicates your acceptance to them. 

    You may stop your use of Account Hub at any time or we may terminate this agreement under clause 7.

    If (without this paragraph) any provision of these terms and conditions would be void, unenforceable or breach a law, these terms and conditions are to be read as if that provision (or the offending part of the provision) was varied to the extent necessary to make it valid, enforceable or comply with the law, or if that is not possible, omitted.

    13. Governing law

    These terms and conditions and the transactions carried out under it using myRAMS are governed by the law in force in New South Wales. Both you and we irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the jurisdiction specified in New South Wales and courts of appeal from them for determining any dispute concerning these terms and conditions or the transactions contemplated by them.

    14. Change

    We may change these terms and conditions to:

    •  make them fairer to you or more easily understandable or to correct a mistake
    • impose a new fee or charge or increase existing fees or charges relating solely to the use of Account Hub
    • to cover a development in the tools and facilities of Account Hub or the way in which you can use it
    • to reflect a change in our systems or procedures (including for security reasons), or
    • to reflect a change in the law or code of practice.

    In making any change to these terms and conditions, we will comply with the requirements under the myRAMS terms and conditions

    15. Complaints

    If you have a concern or any other issue regarding the use or functionality of Account Hub, then please contact us as soon as possible on 13 RAMS, that's 13 7267 (or +61 2 9647 6967 if outside Australia). 

    Details of our complaints process is set out in myRAMS terms and conditions.

    16. Words with special meanings

    The following words have these meanings in these terms and conditions unless the contrary intention appears.

    Account Hub

    The service we agree to provide to you within myRAMS Mobile app under these terms and conditions as amended or replaced from time to time. 

    Account Information

    The actual information that Account Hub retrieves from Third Party Providers in relation to Third Party Accounts and displays to you within the myRAMS Mobile app. Information may include account name or any nicknames applied, account number and BSB, account balances or other information (such as frequent flyer or other loyalty balances) depending on the type of account.

    Account Summary Screen

    The screen that displays the list of accounts that are accessible through myRAMS Mobile app.


    Australian Consumer Law at Schedule 2 to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)

    customer ID number

    The eight digit Customer Identification Number by which RAMS identifies you.


    Any loss or damage and includes both direct and consequential loss or damage.

    Digital Safe

    A digital safe that securely stores your encrypted Login Information and Account Information. The digital safe is stored on the mobile device on which you have installed myRAMS Mobile app, and encrypts information using Triple DES security.

    for example, including

    or such as

    When introducing an example does not limit the meaning of the words to which the example relates to that example or examples of a similar kind.

    Login Information

    The customer number, password and other identification details you are required by a Third Party Provider to provide in order for you to log into a Third Party Account.

    Mobile app

    The mobile application developed by RAMS which allows access to myRAMS using an iOS compatible device and is available on the iTunes Store. 


    The service that we make available through the internet to enable you to make transactions and view information in connection with your accounts over the internet (whether using a computer or suitable mobile phone).

    myRAMS Password

    The 8 character password which we issue to you on registering for myRAMS or any other 8 to 30 character password you or we change it to from time to time.

    myRAMS terms and conditions

    The terms and conditions that you agree to be bound by when using myRAMS as amended or replaced from time to time. 


    RAMS Financial Group Pty Limited ABN 30 105 207 538 and its successors and assignees.

    Third Party Account

    Each of your accounts with Third Party Providers that you have registered for Account Hub.

    Third Party Provider

    The banks, financial services and other product and service providers listed from time to time on RAMS website with which you have a Third Party Account.   

    Triple DES

    This is a security level which means that the Data Encryption Standard cipher algorithm is applied three times to each data block.


    "We" or  any other grammatical form of the word "we" means Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 and its related bodies corporate within the meaning of section 50 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)  and  its successors and assignees.


    The holder of RAMS account who has accepted these terms and conditions.

    Clause headings appear for convenience and do not affect the interpretation of clauses.

    Unless the context requires otherwise, the singular includes the plural and vice versa.

    A reference to:

    • a time means that time in Sydney
    • a document includes any variation or replacement of it.