• Manage your home loan, savings and everyday accounts online with myRAMS

  • Manage your accounts online

    myRAMS makes it easy for you to keep your accounts up to date, by allowing you to update some of your details online. myRAMS also allows you to export  your transactions, personalise the order that your accounts display in, and even lets you add a nick name to your account.

    Find out how easy it is with one of our short tutorials:

    • myRAMS Internet Login

      We have made some great changes to the log in page of myRAMS following your feedback.  We  know that you really didn’t like the “floating keyboard” when you log into myRAMS, so we’ve listened and have changed the way you type in your password on the desktop version, to a simple keyboard data entry format shown below.

      We wanted to let you know about the change so you know the new log in page is legitimate and secure and that everything else in myRAMS is the same as before, it’s just the log in page that has changed.

      Our myRAMS mobile app has not changed.

      myRAMS Login


    • Accounts Summary

      Once you've logged in, you’ll arrive on the 'Accounts' page (Figure 1) where you'll see your account details, including:

      • Account name
      • BSB number
      • Account number
      • Current balance, and
      • Available balance or available redraw.

      Click on the account name and you will see your the transaction history for that account.

      My balances


    • Transaction History

      Your transaction history will automatically display up to 10 listings per page and up to 100 entries in total. If you'd like to change this setting go to 'My Account Settings' to change this list size.

      You have a search feature that allows you to search all of the listings in your account transaction history using account name, view or date range. You have an 'Advanced' search feature available that enables you to locate specific transactions more easily.

      To make it easier to remember transactions, you're able to change the transaction description and give your transaction nicknames. This is particularly useful when you're paying bills to the same organisation.

      Transaction History


    • Account Details

      In the Account Information section you are able to select from a dropdown list to see the account details for each account that you have (depending on if you have more than one account).

      Account Information