• Manage your home loan, savings and everyday accounts online with myRAMS

  • Manage your accounts online 

    myRAMS makes it easy for you to keep your accounts up to date, by allowing you to update some of your details online. myRAMS also allows you to export your transactions, personalise the order that your accounts display in, and even lets you add a nick name to your account.

    Find out how easy it is with one of our short tutorials:

    • Update my Details

      It's a good idea to keep your information up to date in case we need to identify who you are. The 'My Details' page is the place to keep most of your details in order.

      When you want to view and /or change your personal details we'll send you a one time password to your  mobile which you'll need to enter to view and/or change your details.

      Add your details and click on the 'Submit' button. Another screen will let you know that your details have been updated successfully.

      If you're worried that your details have been changed, but not by you, please contact RAMS immediately on 13 7267.

      Update my details


    • My account settings

      If you'd like to change your list size (increasing from 10 rows per page) up to 100 listings per page, this is the place to change this setting. You can also change other default settings including:

      1. List Order (newest to oldest)
      2. Preferred Account
      3. Default Date Range
      4. Secret Answers and Questions.


      Not only are you able to adjust your 'Personal Settings', you can also change or select your questions and secret answers. It's a good idea to check this page to make sure these questions or answers haven't changed without your consent.

      If something is not quite right, please contact RAMS immediately on 13 7267.

      My account settings


    • Name my accounts

      To make managing your money simple, myRAMS provides you with an option to name your accounts so they are easily identifiable to you, such as ‘House Renovation’ or ‘Trip to Thailand’, this action won't change the official account name, it will simply add a “nickname” to the account.

      • Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Name my Accounts'
      • Click on ‘Edit’ next to the account you wish to name
      • You will then be taken to another screen which will ask you to name your account, and if you would like to ‘Hide’ or ‘Mask’ your account. 'Hide Account' means your account will not show on pages where your Customer Reference Number appears. 'Mask Account' will hide the majority of your account number whenever it is displayed.
      • Click on ‘SUBMIT’ and you will be taken back to your account listing.

       Name my accounts

      Name my accounts 2


    • Export Transactions

      To make it easier for you to manage your finances using third party accounting software (like MYOB or Quicken), you can also export your transactions as a .CSV file format which you can open with Microsoft Excel.

      Step 1. Under the Accounts tab on the menu screen, select ‘Export Transactions’

      Step 2. Enter the date range you wish to cover

      Step 3. Select Transaction Type

      Step 4. Select Account

      Step 5. Select Format

      Step 6. Click on the ‘Submit’ button

      Step 7. Save the file onto your computer.

      Export transactions


    • SMS Notifications

      The SMS Notifications function gives you peace of mind as myRAMS will send a notification to your mobile to alert you when your transfer or payment has gone through.

      To activate this notification function, simply enter the amount at which you'd like the notification triggered eg. $100, then check the relevant box for transfers or payments and click on the 'Submit' button. Then, each time a transaction of that amount or higher is performed on your account using myRAMS, you should receive an SMS notification.

      You can also define the times you'd like to receive these notifications by choosing the preferred times in 'SMS Allowed Times'.

      Please note: SMS notifications are not sent for scheduled BPAY payments or money transfers using the ‘Pay Later’ or ‘Transfer Later’ facilities.

      SMS notification



      Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518 BPAY available for extra payments only, not scheduled loan repayments.