• Manage your home loan, savings and everyday accounts online with myRAMS

  • Move money

    You can move money to any other account in Australia from any of your RAMS accounts, easily and securely, on myRAMS.

    Find out how easy it is with one of our short tutorials:

    • Move money

      To Move money to a new payee, go to Transfers & Pay.

      Specify the following details

      • From: the account you would like to transfer money from.
      • Click ‘New Recipient’ Button.
      • Specify the new payee details by entering:
      • Payee Account Name
      • BSB
      • Account Number
      • Nickname (Applicable only if you chose to save the payee in your address book).
      • To save the new payee in your address book tick ‘Save to address book’ checkbox. By default, the checkbox is ticked.
      • Amount
      • Description I’ll See
      • Description They’ll See: if it’s the same as ‘Description I’ll See’ then check ‘They’ll see the same description’ checkbox.
      • When: select ‘Now’ to process the transfer immediately. By default ‘Now’ is selected.

      Review the transfer details.

       If you would like to make any changes to the transfer click ‘Make Changes’ button.

      If the transfer details are correct, click ‘Confirm’ button.

      Transfer money


    • Manage payees

      Contacts allow you to manage your Payee and Billers details. You can Add New Recipient, Delete or Edit contact nicknames or Click Pay

      Go to Transfer & Pay 

      Select Contacts

      Manage payees


    • Scheduling future transfers

      You can schedule Move money for Payee or Biller 

      Go to Transfer & Pay

      Select Scheduled transactions

      List of previous Scheduled transactions

      Or Add New transfer & Payment will take you to Move money page

      Schedule transactions