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Upping the intensity on your home loan.

We can help get your home loan in shape for the current conditions.

It's important that your home loan changes as the market does. Because different environments require different approaches, we want to make sure that you’re making the most of your current loan.

Three suggestions for you.

1.     Make an offset sweat.

Perfect for high-rate environments, an offset saves you interest over the lifetime of your loan and could help you pay it down faster, especially if you use it wisely. For example, if your loan was $400,000 and you kept $20,000 in your Offset, you’d only pay interest on $380,000. This makes an offset a great place to keep your savings or even just have your salary paid into.

Please note, an offset account is only available on our Vairable Full Feature Home Loan.

2.     Get your debts in shape.

If the interest rate on your home loan is lower than the interest rate on other debts you have (like credit cards), consolidating them into your home loan could mean you pay less interest overall. It’s common for the interest rates on car loans and personal loans to be higher than your average home loan, so talk to your lender about consolidating all your debts into your home loan to help bring your overall interest repayments down.

3.     Put your repayments through their paces.

Choosing fortnightly or weekly repayments will reduce the amount of interest over the lifetime of your loan, helping you pay it off faster. Put simply, if you pay monthly, then you make 12 repayments a year, but if you pay fortnightly, you make 26 repayments, helping you chip away at your loan faster. 

For example, if your loan was $400,000 with an interest rate of 3.64% over 30 years, your monthly repayments would be $1,827.58, and over the life of the loan you’d repay $655,931. However, if you pay fortnightly, you’d pay off an extra $1827.58 each year, saving you $38,145 in interest over the life of the loan!

Know your numbers.

Understand your position and find out if you can save by using our handy calculators to see where additional repayments, an offset account or budgeting could get you. Calculate what you could save by:

Increasing repayment frequency

Additional repayments calculator

Using an offset account

Offset calculator


Budget calculator

Consider a different loan

Fixed Rate Home Loan (Packaged)

RAMS fixed rate home loan has protects you against rate changes during the loan period.

Value Advantage Package

Save with interest rate discounts and reduced fees. Explore our Value Advantage Package.

What is a split home loan?

A split home loan is a home loan that allows the borrower to nominate a proportion of their loan as fixed and a proportion as variable.