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Value Advantage Package

One way to save loads on your loan

Suitable for: First home buyers and Refinancers

If your total borrowings in eligible RAMS home loans is at least $150,000, you could benefit from discounted interest rates on your eligible variable rate loans with the RAMS Value Advantage Package (VAP).

The amount of the discount varies depending on the total amount of your eligible RAMS home loans. The annual service fee is currently $149.

For that one lump sum, many other fees are removed or significantly reduced, including:

  • No monthly account servicing fees, saving you $240 annually on applicable eligible loans (no account servicing fees apply to RAMS Full Feature Home Loan).
  • Pay no application fees for any eligible loans taken as part of the package – saving potentially another $595 per loan.
  • Pay no settlement fee for any eligible loan taken as part of the package – saving potentially another $285.

Variable interest rate discounts 

Based on current standard variable rates. 

Product Total customer borrowings Interest rate discount p.a.
Owner Occupier Principal and Interest $150,000 + 2.27%
Owner Occupier Interest Only $150,000 + 1.26%
Investor Principal and Interest  $150,000 + 2.53%
Investor Interest Only $150,000 + 2.47%
Line of credit $150,000 + 1.42%

Value Advantage Package Discount:

Discount applies to our Full Feature Home Loan offer for the life of the loan. The Discount is determined by the initial repayment type you select.

This means that if you commence your loan on Interest Only repayments and then revert to Principal & Interest repayments, or switch between Principal & Interest and Interest Only repayments during the course of your loan, you may receive a different (including potentially a smaller) discount than if you had commenced your loan on a different repayment type. This offer may be varied or withdrawn at any time.

Available on these loans

Full Feature home loan

A home loan with loads of features - offering the ultimate in flexibility, parental leave options and a competitive rate

Fixed Rate Home Loan (Packaged)

RAMS fixed rate home loan has protects you against rate changes during the loan period.

Line of Credit

Unlocking equity in your home to provide funds for investment purposes

Value Advantage Package Scenario

Virginia has a $200,000 RAMS Fixed Rate home loan. She wants to take out a new RAMS Full Feature home loan for $350,000 to buy an investment property.

The investment property is worth $500,000 so her LVR will be 70%. Since her total customer borrowings on eligible products will equal $550,000, Virginia is eligible for a RAMS Value Advantage Package.

By paying just one annual service fee, she receives a discount of 2.63% p.a. off the RAMS Full Feature Home Loan interest rate on the new $350,000 loan. This saves her up to $3,500 in interest in the first year alone.

What’s more, there is no account servicing fee payable on her original Fixed Rate home loan under VAP, saving Virginia another $20 per month (or $240.p.a.). However, other fees and charges may apply.

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