• Whether a first-time buyer or self-employed, a RAMS home loan has flexible options to make the loan work better for you.

  • Value Advantage Package

    One way to save loads on your loan

    • Variable interest rate discounts

      Based on current standard variable rates.

       Product Total customer borrowings Interest rate discount p.a. 
      Owner Occupier Principal and Interest $150,000 + 1.07%
       Owner Occupier Interest Only $150,000 + 1.06%
       Investor Principal and Interest $150,000 + 1.18%
       Investor Interest Only $150,000 + 1.17%
       Line of credit $150,000 + 1.42%

    • Suitable for: First home buyers and Refinancers

      If your total borrowings in eligible RAMS home loans is at least $150,000, you could benefit from discounted interest rates on your eligible variable rate loans  with the RAMS Value Advantage Package (VAP).  

      The amount of the discount varies depending on the total amount of your eligible RAMS home loans. The annual service fee is currently $375.

      For that one lump sum, many other fees are removed or significantly reduced, including: 

      • No monthly account servicing fees, saving you $240 annually on applicable eligible loans (no account servicing fees apply to RAMS Full Feature Home Loan).
      • Most variation fees (other than legal or costs incurred by RAMS) are waived as loan is under VAP – saving you another $295 per variation request.
      • Pay no application fees for any eligible loans taken as part of the package – saving potentially another $595 per loan. 

    • Full feature home loan

      An all-in-one home loan with a transaction account, redraw option and ability to deposit salary stra...

      Fixed Rate Home Loan (Packaged)

      RAMS fixed rate home loan has protects you against rate changes during the loan period.

      Line of credit

      Pay more when you have additional funds and less when you don't with a RAMS line of credit home loan...

    • Hypothetical scenario

      Virginia has a $200,000 RAMS Fixed Rate home loan. She wants to take out a new RAMS Full Feature home loan for $350,000 to buy an investment property. 

      The investment property is worth $500,000 so her LVR will be 70%. Since her total customer borrowings on eligible products will equal $550,000, Virginia is eligible for a RAMS Value Advantage Package.

      By paying just one annual service fee, she receives a discount of 1.00% p.a. off the RAMS Full Feature Home Loan interest rate on the new $350,000 loan. This saves her up to $3,500 in interest in the first year alone. 

      What’s more, there is no account servicing fee payable on her original Fixed Rate home loan under VAP, saving Virginia another $20 per month (or $240.p.a.). However, other fees and charges may apply.

  • Home loan calculators

    How much could I borrow?


    You could borrow up to

    ${{data.loans[0].borrowingPower | number:0}}

    Assuming a {{ data.loans[0].loanPeriod.initial }} year term

    at an interest rate of {{ data.loans[0].interestRate.ongoing.percent }} % p.a.

    Call us on 13 RAMS, thats 13 7267 about your situation to find the best solution for you.

    How much could my repayments be?

    % p.a.

    Based on the amount you want to borrow, an estimate of your minimum repayments is

    ${{ data.loans[0].calculators.initial.initialRepaymentByPeriodTotal | number:2}} a

    over {{ data.loans[0].loanPeriod.initial }} years

    Interest only repayments in the first {{ data.loans[0].loanPeriod.interestOnly }} years

    ${{ data.loans[0].calculators.initial.initialInterestOnlyRepaymentByPeriodTotal | number:2}} a

    and, principal and interest repayments for the remainder of the life of the loan

    ${{ data.loans[0].calculators.initial.initialRepaymentByPeriodTotal | number:2}} a

    Call us on 13 RAMS, thats 13 7267 about your situation to find the best solution for you.

    You would save

    You would pay an extra

    ${{data.loans[0].calculators.compare.saving.amount | number:2}}

    in interest over the life of the loan

    $ {{ data.loans[0].calculators.initial.initialInterestOnlyRepaymentByPeriodTotal | number:2}}

    $ {{ data.loans[0].calculators.initial.initialRepaymentByPeriodTotal | number:2}}

    Total payable

    ${{data.loans[0].calculators.initial.total.payable | number:2}}

    Interest - ${{data.loans[0].calculators.initial.total.interest | number:2}}

    Principal - ${{data.loans[0].calculators.initial.total.principle | number:2}}

    $ {{ data.loans[0].calculators.compare.comparisonInterestOnlyRepaymentByPeriodTotal | number:2}}

    $ {{ data.loans[0].calculators.compare.comparisonRepaymentByPeriodTotal | number:2}}

    Total payable

    ${{data.loans[0].calculators.compare.total.payable | number:2}}

    Interest - ${{data.loans[0].calculators.compare.total.interest | number:2}}

    Principal - ${{data.loans[0].calculators.compare.total.principle | number:2}}

    What are the upfront costs and ongoing?


    You would need a deposit of ${{data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.depositRequired | number: 0}}

    Your estimated upfront costs would be

    ${{ data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.totalUpfrontCosts | number:0 }}

    Your estimated ongoing costs would be

    ${{ data.loans[0].calculators.ongoingCosts.totalOngoingCosts | number:0 }} per month

    Upfront costs

    Government fees

    $ {{ data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.government.mortgageRegistration | number : 0}}

    $ {{ data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.government.transfer | number : 0}}

    $ {{ data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.government.stampDuty | number : 0 }}

    $ {{ data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.government.mortgageDuty | number : 0}}

    Government grants

    $ {{ data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.government.firstHomeGrant | number : 0}}

    If you are building new home and the total value of land and building is up to $750,000 then you may be eligible for First Home Owner Grant. Please refer to Office of State Revenue website for further details.

    The First Home Owner grant is based on assumption that the total value of land and building is less than or equal to $750,000.

    RAMS fees

    $ {{ data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.bank.settlement | number : 0}}

    Lender's Mortgage Insurance

    $ {{ data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.lmi| number : 0}}

    Other upfront costs to consider

    $ {{ (data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.movingFee.value != '') ? (data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.movingFee.value| number: 0) : '        ' }}

    $ {{ (data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.pestInspection.value != '') ? (data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.pestInspection.value | number: 0) : '        ' }}

    $ {{ (data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.conveyancingFee.value != '') ? (data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.conveyancingFee.value | number: 0) : '        '}}

    Ongoing costs


    $ {{ data.loans[0].calculators.ongoingCosts.repayments | number : 0}}/month

    Assuming a {{ data.loans[0].loanPeriod.initial }} year loan term on RAMS Essential Home Loan with a variable interest rate of {{ (data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.residencyType == 0) ? data.loans[0].interestRate.ongoing.percent : data.loans[0].interestRate.ongoingInvestor.percent }}% p.a., comparison rate* of {{ (data.loans[0].calculators.upfrontCosts.residencyType == 0) ? data.loans[0].interestRate.comparison.percent : data.loans[0].interestRate.comparisonInvestor.percent }}% p.a. and $0 account keeping fee.

    RAMS fees

    Some other ongoing costs to consider

    $ {{ (data.loans[0].calculators.ongoingCosts.strata.value != '') ? (data.loans[0].calculators.ongoingCosts.strata.value | number: 0) : '        ' }} /month

    $ {{ (data.loans[0].calculators.ongoingCosts.council.value != '') ? (data.loans[0].calculators.ongoingCosts.council.value | number: 0) : '        ' }} /month

    $ {{ (data.loans[0].calculators.ongoingCosts.utility.value != '') ? (data.loans[0].calculators.ongoingCosts.utility.value | number: 0) : '        ' }} /month

    $ {{ (data.loans[0].calculators.ongoingCosts.homeContentInsurance.value != '') ? (data.loans[0].calculators.ongoingCosts.homeContentInsurance.value | number: 0) : '        ' }} /month

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    Value Advantage package.  Discount is off the annual percentage rate ordinarily applicable to the selected loan and is based on loan type and Total Customer Borrowings. Total Customer Borrowings includes the total loan amounts for any existing RAMS home loans as well as any new loan being applied for (and is based on the total credit limit for each loan) but excludes any bridging loans. The Value Advantage Package is not available to customers who have taken up the Limited Genuine Savings option for the first two years of their loan. Value Advantage Package is available on selected RAMS Home Loans and is subject to an Annual Service Fee of $375. There will only be one Annual Service fee charged per Value Advantage Package. The Annual Service Fee is charged to a loan account under your Value Advantage Package once every year. Value Advantage Package - conditions apply.