• 7 jobs to do around the house in summer

    For most people, their home will be the biggest investment they make, and like all good investments, if we don’t monitor them, they can reduce in value.

  • Summer is the perfect time to tackle home maintenance tasks, big and small.

    David Stephenson, who runs a Hire A Hubby franchise in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, says the warmer weather, combined with more time spent at home recently, means there’s no excuse for putting jobs off.

    “For most people, their home will be the biggest investment they make, and like all good investments, if we don’t monitor them, they can reduce in value,” he says.

    Picture: Unsplash – Sonnie Hiles

    Stephenson shares his summer around-the-house “to-do” list with us below.

    1.     Cool-proof

    With the mercury rising, it’s time to have air-conditioners checked and serviced if needed.

    “This will diminish the risk of air-conditioners breaking down and reduce running costs,” he says.

    Installing exterior window blinds can also reduce the amount of heat that enters the home and the expense of cooling it.

    “For most homes, blinds can be purchased off-the-shelf and are easy to install.”

    2.     Beat the bugs

    Repairing flyscreens on windows and doors, to keep out bugs, is also important.

    “With cool breezes at night, windows and doors (assuming locks are fitted) can be left open, cooling the home without letting in those annoying bugs.”

    Picture: Unsplash – Jochen Gabrisch

    He also recommends insect treatments, but says it’s important to follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

    “At this time of year, many bugs become more active, so treating your home for fleas, ants and spiders can reduce any nasty surprises and health risks,” Stephenson says.

    3.     Get fire-ready

    It is really important to think about how you can reduce fire risks around the home, so make sure you clean gutters and downpipes to remove any debris, prune any trees near powerlines, remove any rubbish and keep lawns mowed and trimmed,” he says.

    Also check smoke alarms are working and are in the correct location.

    4.     Protect flora and fauna

    Plants and animals can often suffer in warm conditions, but home owners can help.

    “Mulching the garden and installing watering systems can reduce the unnecessary loss of plants,” Stephenson says.

    Picture: Unsplash – Linoleum Magazine

    “For pets, sun protection is a must, so ensure there is sufficient shade. If there are no trees or other shady spots, installing different sized shade sails can provide pets the escape they need.”

    Supplying water to help animals cool down can also help.

    “A small children’s bath, about $20 from Bunnings or Kmart, is simple and cheap, but effective.”

    5.     Manage mould

    With homes locked up over the cooler months, mould can develop in the home. Given it can cause health issues, it’s really important to remove mould where possible, he says.

    “There are a lot of easy-to-use products available. However, it’s important you follow manufacturer’s instructions.”

    6.     Check the pool and spa

    It’s important to ensure pools, spas and ponds meet relevant pool fencing regulations and all fences are in excellent condition.

    Picture: Unsplash – Jonathan Borba

    “Remove any items around the fence to ensure little ones can’t climb it. Clean and check the water quality, ensure filters are clean and pumps are in good working order.

    “It is also a good idea for parents and grandparents to have a basic understanding of first aid and CPR,” he says.

    7.     Focus on the exterior

    Most general home maintenance is best done in fine weather.

    “This may include checking gutters and downpipes that need repairs and patching small holes, mending boundary fences and oiling or painting any decking, fencing, windows and window trims and any outside furniture,” Stephenson says.

    “Timber left unprotected deteriorates over time and can lead to costly repair bills, however a touch-up here and there will extend the life of these products.”

    Picture: Unsplash - Pixasquare 

    Stephenson also recommends cleaning the roof and any sheds for lichen.

    With the boom of DIY products, many jobs can be performed by the home owner.

    “It can be fun and rewarding, starting with small jobs and building up. It is important, however, to understand your skill set, experience, health and qualifications,” he says.

    Jobs like repairing air-conditioners and wired smoke detectors should only be performed by qualified and licensed tradespeople. Working at heights can be risky and some chemicals may carry health warnings or require specialist equipment. 

    Originally published on realestate.com.au “7 jobs to do around the house in summer



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