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  • Cheapest beach house suburbs close to the city


    The latest data reveals the closest and cheapest beachside suburbs where you could nab a holiday home just in time for summer.


    In some locations in Australia, beachside areas have seen significant growth over the past decade.  On the other hand, you may not use the beach home quite as often as you expect.

    Secondly you may only be able to lease the property on a short-term rental site at times that you yourself want to use the property.

    The third challenge is that it can be quite expensive to maintain a second home and if you are leasing the property on a short-term rental site, you may have significant management costs.

    When looking to buy a beachside home, really consider the reasons you are looking to purchase the property. If you're looking to buy purely as a holiday home, just stick within your budget.  If you're looking to lease the property on a short-term rental site, understand that you will get an income, but there are also significant expenses.

    Beach houses can be great from an investment perspective.  In beachside areas close to capital cities, we have seen significant price growth over the past decade.  For areas that are far more remote, that price growth has been far more elusive.

    Finally, if you are looking to buy a beachside bargain as a holiday home, also consider it may just be cheaper to pay for a holiday somewhere else every year.  

    There are lots of considerations that need to be made when buying a holiday home, but in the end owning a holiday home on the beach can create precious memories. 

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