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    With more and more first home buyers choosing apartments and small spaces we thought we’d put together some quick and easy steps to turn your house into a home. It’s not the size of the space but how you use it that really makes a difference.

    Mirrors are a perfect option to make any space feel bigger, and they’re great if you want to help bounce natural light around the room. 

    When you arrive home you instantly want to feel relaxed and at ease in an uncluttered space. So at the entry, look for ways to create practical storage solutions. Here we’ve used the console for keys, some woven baskets for shoe storage and a wall hook for hats and bags. 

    Another great tip is to upgrade your cupboard and door handles – If you’ve got daggy old door furniture…. Just like this one, they are super easy to replace. All you need to do is undo the screws at the back, remove the handle and screw the new one on...It’s also a nice way to inject some personality and modernise the look. 

    Not only do indoor plants look fresh, but they certainly do change the mood and the feel of a room, now with studies showing that indoor plants can assist in better air quality as well as mental wellbeing! 

    Don’t be afraid to use oversized items in a small space. Large statement pieces like this rug here have made this room feel grand, and the plus side is it’s warm and inviting. 

    These are all great examples of small changes you can make within your home to make it feel more practical, liveable and aesthetically pleasing – and the plus side is, you may even be adding value along the way. 

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