• Technology for your home


    Take a look at some of the new technology available to home owners today for new builds and existing homes.


    These days there's a lot of technology available that are making our homes smarter and our lives easier than ever.

    Today, we're going to check out a few of these 'must have' gadgets for both new and existing homes that won't break the bank.

    Hello, G'day Jonathan it's Luke. I'm just here to check out some of these great gadgets that you've got.

    Well, interestingly enough, you're looking at the first piece of technology in our home.  It's our A Phone Intercom System.  It lets me see who's at the front door and I can remotely let you in.  

    Well now that you know it's me, can I come in?

    Absolutely. Wait for the click.

    Jonathan, Luke,  how are you?  Good, thanks for having us.  Pleasure, not a problem. You're got in ok?  I did and you didn't even need to come to the door to let me in.  

    Why don't we grab a seat I'll tell you a bit about some of the other technology in the home.  Perfect.

    This is the ipad I use to control the home entertainment in our house.  So everything can be controlled from here.  That's it.  You can watch our TV,  listen to music. I don't need six different remotes to turn everything on, one by one any more.  Those days are gone.  This is your mission control. You can even add on things like your security.  I can view cameras from here, speak to you, like I did before, and do it all from my ipad.

    Right.  So how much will something like that set me back?

    Look, you're looking at about four to five thousand dollars for a system like this.   And it controls everything?  Absolutely.  You know you can even add in your lights, blinds, your sprinkler system as well.

    Now this is a new house.  Can you have this fitted into existing or older houses?  Look all of this technology is retro-fitable.  So anyone in any home can have access to this.  So bottom line, this is accessible to everyone. 

     Yeah, absolutely.

    To sum up - what has this then done for you in your life?  Why would people do this? 

    Look, really for me and my family, it's all about safety, security and convenience and just making your life so much easier.

    There you have it.  Smart home technology.  For the smart homeowner.  Because life was meant to be safer, easier and more enjoyable.

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