• What to do when you have found 'The One'



    When determining which home is right for you, it's really important to narrow things down to the properties that you look at and you think, okay these are the ones that suit me best.

    It has to tick the most important boxes for you, so if you're looking for a pool or a certain location it's got to tick those boxes.

    I guess when you're evaluating properties it's important to think about what your plans are for the future.  Is this a stepping stone, are you planning to grow a family, or is this your forever home? All these things can help guide your decision-making process.  

    The factors you should use to narrow down your property shortlist are:

    Firstly - the accommodation needs that you have.  The first category for me would be the non-negotiables.  These are the things you have to have.  It could be the amount of bedrooms.  It could be the amount of bathrooms.  It could be car accommodation.

    What area the property is in and what it's like to actually live there.  What amenities are you going to be close to?  Do you need schools?  Close to transport?  Those sort of things.

    One of the most important factors when considering properties is your budget, it's really important to understand what you can afford so that you're not out there looking for properties that are out of reach.

    It's also important when looking at certain properties if they need renovating.  You might want to consider exactly how much you need to put into that.

    When looking for advice to buy your first home or your second home, the most important thing to do is seek advice from people that you trust.  The first person you should be speaking to is a home lending specialist.

    It's important to seek advice on how much you can afford and what your budget is before you go out there shopping.  And perhaps even a conveyancer to help you work through the section 32 and contract of sale.  It's important to find them before you find the right property as they'll help you evaluate the contracts.  

    A really important step in the process is to speak to your home loan specialist about getting a pre-approval in place.  If you have a pre-approval you are likely to have an advantage over someone else.  We often tell our customers to go and speak to a local real estate agent that they feel comfortable with.  The agent can tell them what's going on in the area and give them some really good market information.

    The best piece of advice I can give to someone that's found the right property is to always inspect the property at least twice just confirm that you've made the right decision, because you don't want to buy and then have regrets and buyer remorse.

    The most important thing you can do is work out what it's worth to you.  

    In today's market,  if you think you've found the one, make an offer quickly - you don't want to miss out.

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