• Your complaint will be reviewed in line with our FAIRGO principles

  • At RAMS we welcome your suggestions, compliments and complaints as an opportunity to improve our service, provide feedback to staff and help us put things right when we have let you down.

    If you’re ever unhappy about something we’ve done – or perhaps not done – please give us the opportunity to put things right. RAMS will apply the following FAIRGO principles when addressing a customer complaint and remediation. 


    We are fair: we will be fair and objective in our approach to considering customer complaints and the appropriateness of remediation. 


    We take action: we will respond in a timely way to resolve complaints and assess remediation as quickly as possible. We will take action to comprehensively address any issues and use the knowledge gained to build a better bank. 


    We act with integrity: we earn trust by demonstrating the highest standards of honesty and we will deliver on our commitments to our customers with integrity. 


    We communicate clearly, with respect and consider our customer’s needs: Where we are aware of a customer’s vulnerability, we will act with respect, sensitivity and compassion. In our interactions with our customers, we will take time to listen and communicate clearly with empathy. 


    We are genuine: we will be genuine, honest and sincere in our response to customer complaints and our approach to remediation. We will acknowledge and apologise to our customers when we have got it wrong. 


    We are open and co-operative: we will be open about escalation and avenues for resolution, help our customers understand their options and we will co-operate with any external review of a complaint or remediation activity, including by providing our customers with required documents.