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Kyal and Kara recommend RAMS

07 November 2016

Kyal and Kara speak about their experience working with Greg and Lisa Frazer from RAMS.


We recently switched our home loan over to RAMS and we couldn't be happier. We wanted someone that was going to be able to not offer just a good rate, but be able to work with us now and in the future.

Greg and Lisa from RAMS were fantastic to deal with. 

I was really excited about meeting Kyal and Kara, and helping them with their home loan needs.  It's not every day you get to meet celebrities, let alone helping them with their home loan.  They're really lovely and down-to-earth and it's been great getting to know them.

One thing we like about how RAMS operates is they really take the time to get to know what you want.  And they don't try and fit you into some preset plan but they take the time and they listen to your situation and your goals.  They even gave us their mobile number which is great for that one-on-one contact.

At RAMS, we explain every step of the home loan journey.  Whether you're buying your first home or refinancing from another lender, like Kyal and Kara. Which is great, especially if you're a first home buyer because it can be a little overwhelming and a little emotional. 

Managing your home loan can be stressful at times.  And like most people, we're really busy, and we're about to become even busier.  Yes we've got a new kid on the block.  So it's awesome that RAMS came to us and we sat down hada coffee and chatted about our options.  

Kyal and Kara had questions.  So we went through the various options available, which gave them flexibility.  We've also got lots of local contacts that we're more than happy to share.  

Not only can RAMS provide you with local contacts such as tradies.  Maybe I could organise to be on that little list, but they can also connect you with local accountants, conveyancers and real estate agents, which may come in handy when it comes time to understand the potential of our home.

I think RAMS genuinely care about you and your situation.  Dealing with RAMS has been easy and we definitely recommend them to friends or family.  It's been a great process it's been really fast and been really easy to deal with them.  And I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a home loan.