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What happened behind closed doors during COVID

15 June 2021



Most Australians spent more time at home than ever before during COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, and new data suggests they were far from bored.


Most Aussies spent more time at home than ever before in 2020.   Asides from sourdough bread making, what else went on behind closed doors during the COVID 19 lockdowns?

A survey of almost 7,000 Australians in December show three quarters of respondents made changes to their home.  The top two changes were starting or completing home improvement projects and setting up a home office space.  Around one in four people busied themselves with these projects.  Setting up a home gym and or a study space for children were also popular.

With a lot more time spent at home during COVID it's only natural many Australians craved more comfort.  The survey found half of respondents wanted their home to have different features like more natural light, more living spaces and larger outdoor areas.  

But what about the costs of these home improvements? 

One in five people said they applied for the Home Builder Grant to renovate an existing property and or build a new home.

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