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5 new homes features that edge out older neighbours

Older suburbs across Australia are getting an injection of new life thanks to creative property developments.

5 new homes features that edge out older neighbours

01 September 2021

Older suburbs across Australia are getting an injection of new life thanks to creative property developments.  

Some of Australia’s oldest suburbs possess a certain charm and character that can be hard to replicate. It’s no wonder that trying to buy established homes in them can be tough — they’re tightly-held for a reason.

But established homes don’t always come with the convenient, eco-friendly design perks that are now part-and-parcel of new housing developments.

What if there was a way to get the best of both worlds? We took a look at some of the exciting things available in new homes in traditionally ‘older’ neighbourhoods.

Community-building tech in Hurstville

Some infrastructure in Hurstville dates back to the late 19th century, but the newest developments are looking into the future – especially when it comes to technology. 

Keep up to date with gym classes and book private rooms with a community-wide app. Picture: Pexels

The Beyond apartment development is utilising its very own app to connect its residents. The app acts as a ‘virtual concierge’, connecting residents with information about the building and local activities. It can help you schedule fitness classes, book communal spaces, find a dog walker, manage postal deliveries, view retail discounts and keep track of community social events.

Sustainability standards in South Melbourne

In the 1850s, new immigrants flocked to the temporary tent township set up in the area now known as South Melbourne. Safe to say, the new homes being constructed now are designed with a much longer timeframe in mind.

Many new apartments are designed with energy efficiency at their core. While this is often to appease buyers keen to save on their energy bills, it also sets a new standard of sustainability for home construction which benefits the environment.

South Melbourne’s Ferrars & York apartments from sustainable property development group HIP V. Hype are one such project. The 22 residences will be completely carbon neutral, aided through solar power, insulation, double-glazed windows, rain water capture, and an architectural design that enables cross ventilation and ideal orientation to the sun.

Perks like bike parking and plenty of greenery also contribute to this goal.

Industrial makeover in Alphington

While Alphington once was dotted with quiet residential homes and industrial plants, the up and coming suburb is undergoing a makeover with some chic developments.

Yarrabend’s warehouse conversion apartments not only offer a trendy and luxurious industrial design (which retain some of elements of the old red brick paper mill site) but also feature the latest appliances, an eco-friendly architectural design and technological perks.

Many property developers put style at the centre of their offering. However, design savvy isn’t only about breathtaking aesthetics – it’s also about practicality.

You can enjoy gorgeous interior design alongside smart home functions, like being able to control your blinds, lights and home security from your phone.

Moving about Macquarie Park

The Sydney suburb of Macquarie Park has long been known for its huge university, thriving industrial area and diverse shopping options. But it doesn’t quite have that ‘village feel’ that some inner city suburbs are known for — yet.

According to Nigel Edgar, general manager of development at Frasers Property, the new Midtown MacPark development will replicate the walkability of some of the world’s best cities, like Paris and New York.

The goal is for everyone to be able to walk to get their groceries, walk to work (or the nearest transport hub), and walk to restaurants for dinner and cafes for breakfast. It’s a whole network of services at your doorstep.

West End social scene

We all know a suburb with a thriving cultural scene is a thriving suburb in general! Smart developers know that too, with some incorporating artistic spaces and venues into their masterplans.

Most of these new developments have a ‘self-contained’ approach to lifestyle, culture and entertainment. Gyms and day spas are at your doorstep and around the corner you’ll find the latest art gallery or live music venue. 

An illustration of West Village’s thriving arts centre. Picture:

Brisbane’s West End has long been the beating heart of the city’s cultural scene. Quirky cafes, boutique shops and Bohemian bars are all small elements of the area’s charm.

The West Village development is incorporating a new Metro Arts facility. It will offer a theatre, two art galleries, and a cool outdoor laneway with bars and cafes. 


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