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Home truths from first home buyers

18 November 2019

Home truths from first home buyers


Q: How did you get a home loan, was it difficult? 

It was pretty simple to be honest. Kind of emotionally draining, but really fulfilling. It was a learning curve. Yes. Classic emotional rollercoaster. 

Q: What does the word home mean to you? 

Home means, ah, geez. It means home, doesn't it, like. You literally sit on your lounge and you think, these walls are mine. And you can be in your pyjamas all day. It brings up warm feelings. I love the achievement. This is mine and this is going to be mine for a while.

I think it's also just a sense of pride, you're a home owner. 

It's a real accomplishment though, like to be able to call somewhere your home. Things you're sometimes the most scared about end up being fine.

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