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How to renovate your kitchen to add value

Did you know that when done well, kitchen renovations can increase a property' s value significantly? To add value to your home, keep RAMS' kitchen tips in mind.

How to renovate your kitchen to add value

30 November 2015

Did you know that when done well, kitchen renovations can increase a property's value significantly?

The kitchen has become the heart of the modern home.  We don't just cook in it - it's a place to gather, do homework, eat meals and entertain.  A well-designed kitchen can really add value to your home.

As a general rule you shouldn't spend more than 4-6% of your property's total value on a kitchen renovation.  And when it comes to scale and cost, the kitchen should reflect the rest of the home.

To add value to your home, keep these kitchen tips in mind:

Floor plan

These days open floor plans - where the kitchen opens into a living or dining room - are in high demand.  Open plan spaces improve the flow of a home and allow more natural light in.  With the kitchen increasingly becoming a central hub in the home, removing walls can create a larger workspace plus more functional living and entertaining areas.

Colour palette 

For long-term value - simple design, clean lines and light natural colours are the way to go in a kitchen.  Avoid flamboyant features and colour palettes which can date a kitchen and have detrimental effects when trying to sell a home. 

Light colours will make the room look more spacious and open - many people like white kitchens for this reason.  White kitchens are also timeless, which is important if you are trying to add value to the home.


The benchtop is one of the first things you notice when you walk into a kitchen.  Choose a quality stone finish for this high traffic surface to ensure longevity and create a wow factor.  Stick with the more affordable granite and manufactured stone if you are looking to add value to your home.


Old appliances date a kitchen and turn people off so spending a bit more for new ones can be worthwhile.  Select quality brands, always find space for a dishwasher and consider energy-efficient appliances in modern finishes.


Plentiful, practical storage is a must in any kitchen.  It gives you the ability to clear clutter from benches, freeing up valuable space for cooking and entertaining.  Plenty of pantry space, ample refrigeration and concealed garbage disposal units are other great ways to keep your kitchen neat and tidy - a must when trying to sell a home.

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