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Kara’s style hacks - instant style upgrades for your home

4 simple ways to refresh your living space with plants, mirrors and soft furnishings.

Kara’s style hacks - instant style upgrades for your home

02 July 2018

Make a welcome entrance

We all know that first impressions count. So why not upgrade your front entrance with some simple styling.

First of all, functionality is key; so address storage issues with cabinetry, wall hooks or perhaps a styling ladder – an inexpensive and stylish way to hang keys, hats and jackets.

Ensure there is also somewhere to leave everyday items such as bags and shoes – baskets and storage boxes are a great solution.

A hard-wearing rug is also a practical item that will assist in creating a warm and inviting feel – sisal rugs are a great option here.

By styling the entryway, visitors immediately experience the ‘feel’ of your home, so ensure the style is kept consistent from here on in. For example, if your living area has a particular colour theme, introduce this at the entrance to your home with wall paint or a piece of artwork.

Add a touch of life

Indoor plants are a sure-fire way to freshen up a space, add interest and bring the outdoors in. Best of all, there are now proven health benefits!

Research from the University of Melbourne and RMIT University have found that having five indoor plants within the home can assist in boosting air quality and mental wellbeing. If you’re a notorious indoor plant killer (like me), stick to hardy varieties such as Mother-in-law’s Tongue (Sansevieria Trifasciata), Monstera (Monstera Deliciosa) and smaller succulents.

Lounge with plants


Layer textures

As the weather cools down, there’s no better time to give your soft furnishings a refresh. Updating cushions and investing in some new throws can completely freshen up the look of your living area, creating a warm and inviting place to relax this winter.  

When selecting cushions, mix sizing and materials to create a textured look. For a neutral colour palette, choose varying materials but stick to similar tones. The move towards the use of natural, sustainably sourced materials within the home is strong, and there are plenty of gorgeous options now available in store and online. 

For a bolder look, mix fabrics of various colour and texture. Remember there’s no need to overload the sofa with cushions! Finish the look with a soft throw. 



Look on the bright side

It’s so refreshing to walk into a home that has an abundance of natural light and an open plan feel, however we understand that layout-wise, this is not always possible.

In these cases, we’re big fans of using mirrors to create the illusion of space and bounce around available natural light. Whether you have a small wall opposite a window, or a large space to fill that could be used to hang (or stand) a large statement piece, mirrors really can give you bang for your buck in terms of the impact they create!

There are hundreds of beautifully framed mirrors available, but also consider the DIY option. We often purchase second hand mirrors (think old wardrobe mirror doors) and build our own timber frames to suit – these are often the mirrors we get the most compliments on, and they all have their own unique story, which we love.


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