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Kyal and Kara: Ep 3 - Framing up

26 April 2016

Our Wideline Window Selections are locked in, and the boys begin stripping the old roof, and framing up for the extension over the deck.


Over.  Not really.  Quiet on set.  You kidding me?

We're at the point now we can measure up for the new windows.  And this is so exciting because we've chosen a casement window up the front and we really feel like that's going to add to that coastal vibe that we're going for.

We go into the Wideline showroom and they've got all the windows on display for us.  We've chosen the architectural casement windows for the front of the home and for the rest we've chosen the residential range.

It's really fun going to this showroom because it gives you an idea of what all the windows is going to look like around our entire project .  The great thing about using the casement windows upstairs is they're all going to open east, which means we can capture that sea breeze.  

Wideline have got a new residential window system called the Halo, which for a builder, it's a much superior way to flash your windows.  We'll definitely be using that on this project.  I really feel like once they get installed it's going to give this house a massive transformation.

Kara is still pretty keen for the bathroom to move forward, so the plumber and Sparky have been in here and they've roughed in.  We've had the gyprockers in and it's all sheeted and it's been waterproof ready for tiling.

We got all the boys here and so they're working on the bearers and joyce for the studio now which is exciting, because seeing it come out of the ground means it's all going to happen quite quickly from here.

With the floor frame for the studio we're using the Bradford's under floor insulation, which is going to give us a really good thermal rating.

The morning the boys went to stand the roof frames on the studio, I'm sure I was out there one minute and there was no studio and then the next minute I walked out, and seriously, there was a studio built.  It just happened so quickly.  

It's really good having the frames pre-made because it meant that as soon as they rocked up, we could just take them around the back and then stand them up.  Bang.  Job done.

We've got the scaffold here and it's on a weekly hire so it's in our best interest that we're nice and quick with this.  We want to get the top exterior done, finished,  ASAP, so first things first.  The boys have got a frame up for the new deck extension over the existing deck.  

We put the posts up and then we've also put in the ridge beam which is going to be the centre of that deck extension.  So from that ridge beam we pitch out all of our rafters. Walking up onto the deck now, you can get a feel of how big the deck's going to be and how that gable roof is going to feel when you are sitting on the deck.

There is heaps going on in the next few weeks.  We've got the new roof going on, the windows rocking up, we're really going to see this project start to take shape.

Right, yeah!

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