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Kyal and Kara: Ep 4 - Get your mojo on

10 May 2016

Kyal's stress is lifted as the new roof goes on, new windows are installed and the weatherboards are fixed. The transformation is taking shape!


We've made a lot of progress.  Yeah we got a lot happening today.  There's so much going on.

We've had all our windows delivered now and we've just had a delivery from CSR for the cladding.  So that pretty much means we can get to lockup and be free from burglars.

One of the big design changes with this brick box is that we've been tossing up whether we're going to render or bag or paint the brickwork. I think we decided pretty early on we weren't going to render it because I don't love that flat finish and I wanted a little bit of texture.  So for me it was between bagging and painting the brick.

Now the bricks have been sprayed I think it gives it a really beautiful touch and I love the actual texture of those old bricks now we've got that mojo colour on there.  I reckon it looks stunning. 

So now the majority of the house is sprayed, we are ready for the new windows. But before we can install the new windows we need a new roof.

I will say this has definitely been the most stressed I've seen you. Yeah.  Preparing the old roof for a new roof has been really hectic for you.  Being a carpenter, you want everything to be flat and level and perfect, but this old house has just moved so much over time it was a real challenge.

So we've got the roof going on today.  It's been two weeks living with the tarp over our heads and it's only been like a couple of hours in and theyr'e smashing it.  So we're pretty much all covered up.  And we just got the ridges left to do.

I did measure up the roof sheets myself and I was short one sheet.  So we had to get a bit of extra material.  But I'm just - I'm really stoked that Dave and Bren have come back in to help me finish the roof off.  And it just it makes life so much easier knowing that I've now got a 100% watertight roof.  It's just so much weight off my shoulders.  

The roof is a massive transformation because we've got this really old brown tile roof.  So to see the new colour bond roof it's going to look like a new house from the top. Building the deck roof out and building that little gable end over that bedroom makes such a difference to how the house looks at the front.

Originally the house was really flat and there was definitely a big line.  Whereas the gable ends have just given the house a bit more dimension now.

It's been a massive few weeks.  Lately we've been doing some big days and the progress has really come along.  So now that we've got the roof 99% done, we're really starting to see the transformation of the exterior take shape.

Yeah we started pulling out all the old windows, now that we've got all the new windows here on site ready to go.  So we installed all the casement frames on the front facade and then Widelines sent their guys out installing all the actual sashes.  And once the sashes are in, that's when you really start to get a feel for how the house does look.

The nice big white frames are going to look absolutely awesome next to the mojo colour so that dark contrast is definitely what we're after for this house. 

So where the gable end is over the deck, we've decided to line that on the rake using some VJ boards which is going to add to that coastal vibe. The good thing about those VJ boards is that it's a semi exterior product which means you can use it outside and up under the eaves and it's a masonite product so you know it's good in all weather.  Putting the VJ up on the ceiling on that rake section wasn't the easiest job in the world.  It took a few of us and you know you want to make sure you get those lines dead straight as well, otherwise it starts to look really crooked. 

Now the eaves are in, the boys can start cladding.  We've chosen CSR Scarborough weatherboard, which is very traditional and works well with the look we're going for. I think it looks nice because it's a simple profile but it gives a really nice shadow detail where it laps over each board.

We're just having a chat and the original plan is to paint the whole house in the mojo colour because I really like the idea of having a dark house with all the white trims and handrail to make it really stand out.

We've had a few people walk past and the neighbours are all like - 'Wow I love the colour of the top of the house' and we're like 'oh that's just the undercoat'. And I totally understand what they're saying because I actually really like that too.  But I feel like we should stick to our original plan because I feel like once the handrail goes on you'll lose that light grey anyway, you'll hardly see any of it.  I think so. 

And then what do you do on the garage?  What do you do, that's the question.  The million-dollar question.

The paint's gone on and I really like it.  This is what I'd envisioned all along.  So I'll let Ollie, our painter, finish this little section and we'll step back and have another look. But I think that we will go with the darker colour.

I think that looks really good. I like it. 

Happy? Yeah.

We stood out the front with pretty much everyone that was on site that day and anyone who happened to walk past and wanted to put their two cents in so we've chosen to use Taubman Mojo for the rest of the house. 

The boys are working really hard outside and it's exciting because works still happening on the inside.  We've got the tilers here and they're tiling all the bathroom. It's exactly how I imagined it would look so far, and I'm just so keen to get upstairs and start using that bathroom.

We've got the vanity going in.  We have got the shutters going in over the next couple of weeks.  It's all going to come together eventually.

I've definitely got my work cut out for me over the next few weeks.  We are going to try and get the studio to lock up, the deck built out the front and the garage frames stood.

We're also going to try and get the scaffold down on the main house and essentially our goal is to move upstairs. 

We are really trying to straighten the roof out and get as best that we could, get it as best we could.


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