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Kyal and Kara: Ep 9 - From rats nest to rumpus!

14 August 2016

Finishing touches are being made on the downstairs rumpus room and work continues on the exterior of the home.


It's amazing how quickly a space can come together when you're not doing a bathroom or a wet area.  We're not waiting on cabinetry, waterproofing, tiling,so this space comes together really quickly.

With all the downstairs demolition done, they're ready to install the new windows, get some flooring in, and re-gyprock.

It's been a massive change downstairs considering we were living in there a few months ago and it was like a bomb site.  It was a rat's nest.  We had cockroaches crawling all over us in our sleep.  We did not!  Well,  not me, mainly Kara. So it's been a it's been a massive change and it's looking really good down there.  It's like a really nice big open space. 

It does make me think why didn't we do this when we first moved in, but obviously we've had bigger things to deal with.  But, yeah, looking forward to this space being finished because it's such a big area now and it feels like there's so much more light.

Now with all the demolition done downstairs, I can also start cladding all those walls that you want to do with Easy Craft.  That can get done, and we're also ready to start gyprocking now that all the sound screen and insulation is all in.  Especially in that top level where we've really blocked out the sound between the levels.  

Similar to upstairs, we've gone with the Godfrey Hurst Regal Oak flooring in the Doulton colour to tie the two spaces together.  And having that wider board and the lighter floor does make the room feel a lot bigger than our previously very blue old carpet.

Adjacent to our downstairs living area we've got another bathroom and a remodeled laundry and things are a little bit slow to progress in there.  We've been waiting on tilers and waterproofers and cabinetry, but slowly things are happening.  We've got all our tiles and our floor down now and today the boys are here tiling the walls.  

All along, we've thought 'isn't in this space downstairs going to be a great place to have friends over'.  To entertain and to fill with children's toys when we have some babies. Good man cave in other words.  Well I thought it would be a good man cave.  Anyway, so anyway.

I went to Sydney for the day and I went shopping.  Come home and Kyal had bought a pool table.  I said he can have it for six months, then we'll be getting rid of it!

We want this room to be multi-purpose, so we've kept it pretty simple in here.  We've got a big couch for watching movies and we've used some linen sheers as a window dressing. Because we wanted downstairs to be like a nice sort of rumpus room/man cave. I don't know where this man cave is coming from!

Anyway, we needed a really nice door because I thought the best thing to do is block out as much sound from downstairs so I've created a really nice cavity sliding door and we did some nice feature strapping on it.  So it's going to blend into the wall and it's floor-to-ceiling.  It's gonna look nice.

With most of the work completed on the inside, it's now time to really crack into all that carpentry work on the outside. So we've created a really beautiful deck at the rear of the house, which obviously the back pool area opens out onto it.  But it was a lot of work to try and get that done. 

The back of the house just looked a bit flat and we felt like it needed a rear pergola so we built a rear pergola.  It is a pretty cool little space and it does give the back of the house that a little bit more dimension.

The thing I love about the studio is, although it's a small space, we've got the ceilings on the rake and we really tried to make the most of that height by bringing the cabinetry right up.  So there's lots of storage and it also does help to draw the eye to the fact that the ceilings are quite high.

I've had Kyle whip up some custom-made handles for our fridge and pantry and that's looking great and now we're waiting on the bench tops so we can get the plumbing fit off and we can do our beautiful tiled splashback.

In this little funky space, we want to make sure the bathroom is well and truly on track as well, so we've got this really cool patterned tile for the floor.  And these really nice 600 by 1200 tiles for the walls. This bathroom doesn't only function as a toilet and shower area, but also a laundry.  So we've factored in a washing machine into the cabinetry.  But we didn't want that to be one of the first things you see.  So I've hidden it with some oak cabinetry.

Next episode is the one you've been waiting for and it's a final reveal.

But first we have two more bathrooms, the kitchen and all that styling to complete.  I can't wait to show you.

The good thing about the pool table is it doubles as a cubby house.  We throw a sheet over.  Perfect for dogs and children - creche - come and drop your kids over!

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