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Long Jetty Reno: Ep 10 - This is the life

11 December 2017


The Long Jetty Reno final reveal is here! The crowning glory of the home - the pool is complete. Watch to see Kyal and Kara's stunning Palm Springs retreat.


Ladies and gentlemen we are finished!

We've got four bedrooms, four walk in robes, three bathrooms, three living, deck, a of pool, a toddler and a little bun in the oven!

The last six months has been a bit of a blur.  It has been a massive, massive, journey.

We had this idea that we'd buy this little beach shack. It would be super cruisy as it would be close to home.  Do a nice small extension - single-level.  Just small.  Flat block.  Walk from home, it will be easy, easy build.

The amount of demolition involved is petty monstrous. Yeah. 

We have a new child.  He'll be fine.  He'll help me stand the frames and install windows.  It's been a rough six months.

Starting out with our plans, we wanted to create the ideal family home.  And what does that mean for us?  We want a beautiful beach house with that Palm Springs vibe.

Things have been moving at an absolute rapid rate.

There's been so much building work.  I've been up since the crack of dawn.  Today we've got the pool going in.  This what we've we got.  The size of pool. Really? 

It's been definitely taking its toll on me. It's been a big push to get to this point.  

Today is a huge milestone because the roof is going on.  

We're pretty much watertight now and it's a massive part of the build that's accomplished.  

It's not until you see things start to come together that you see that vision really come to life.  It's pretty awesome to watch it go from zero to life is amazing. 

We're down to the last, like you know, final days of this reno.  We're so close to the end.  

So today we've got Edstein.  They're coming to install the stone for our outdoor kitchen and then it's going to be basically hooking into all the planting and the landscaping of this outside area.

We are just about tied up with this reno.  We've got the last final plant, so we've got our last bin rocking up.  We've planted a whole lot of trees along here.  We have done some new garden bed edging.  We've mulched the garden, we have laid our topsoil and we are ready to turf.

If I could relate the last six months of my life to anything or compare it to anything, it would be up there with doing the Block.  

You get to the end and you see the finished product and you go 'yep, is all worth it'.

It was really nice to have Greg and Lisa from RAMS come back. They have been basically on board with us since we've done our Toowoon Bay reno.  Essentially, we used the equity that we made after the renovation in Toowoon Bay to purchase this house and do this renovation.  So it's so good to have them here, looking through the house, at what we've accomplished.

You guys do a fantastic job.  It looks incredible.  Very different, yeah fantastic.  Renovating for profit like you guys have done here.  It could be a really smart choice for other people who like a challenge and love renovating.

This is a dream home as if we were going to move into it, but you know we've decided that we're gonna put it on the market. Reluctantly.

When you first walk from inside to outside, the first thing you see is that gorgeous turquoise pool and that stunning breezeblock wall with those palm trees in the background.  

We wanted the pool area to look really seamless so we've used a frameless glass, so that there's no obstructions when you're looking at the beautiful pool.  We were after a different take on that Palm Springs pool because we wanted to add in that Moroccan texture so it really was a KK twist on a normal pool.  

The cactus is quintessential Palm Springs desert vibes.  When we brought those in, all our visions just came together.

For the decking I've used Australian Blackbutt and a chlorine wash to get all the dirt and tanins out of the timber and it gives it that beautiful pristine look.

I love the roofline out the back. I love the flat skillion roof. 

We've got this beautifully covered deck area with these Velux skylights to let in that natural light. 

Indoor/outdoor living is so important to us so with that in mind we really wanted to make sure there was a great connection between the kitchen living dining and that outdoor area.

There are so many things to love about this space and I can totally imagine us settling here and being so happy.  It's somewhere we would want to live and we knew that another buyer could see that potential as well.

It's a really beautiful lifestyle in this part of the world.  You know we love it.  


That is it! This renovation is complete.  

We are so happy with all our work and we're crossing all our fingers for auction time.  We can't wait to have a real break and also share with you what we've got in store for next year.


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