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Long Jetty Reno: Ep 2 - Construction Begins!

13 September 2017



Construction begins! Episode 2 of Long Jetty Reno has Kyal and Kara tackling demolition and getting a head start on the pool. 


When we purchased the house, it was essentially a shack, but it did look better than it really was.  It looked cute, but then you peel off, you know, the skin, and it was kinda - this is - like - what have we done?  

We've done a heap of demo and we've left what we could.  But yeah it's not much. 

Well today is a pretty massive stage.  We're gonna concrete all of our piers for the extension, and as you can see it's massive.  It's a bit of a Manor.  Time is of the essence when you do this, because you don't want to dig out all these holes and then it rains.  Because you pretty much gonna have to start again.

It is good to see the concrete go in the holes.  If it rained we would have been totally screwed.  It's good to see it getting done.  It is now that we have our concrete piers all concreted, we can start moving some heavy machinery out the back and set out the pool and start that excavation.

The pool is something that people often leave to last, when they know they've got the budget for it, at the end of the build. But the way we have designed this house, is that if we are going to have a pool, we have to do it now.

I've been up since the crack of dawn.  I think everything's prepared, and look like we're gonna have a good day.  

So, Kara, this is what we got.  The size the pool- see these lines here? Yeah yeah. Really?  You think that's small? Yeah.  This pool in the corner looks tiny.  Like a bath. Is that it?  Is that what we're spending all this money on?  


Even as soon as you stood in the hole, you realise, oh it's actually much bigger than it looks. I think we just go to what we've got in the plans.  So it's more or less a plunge pool.  You know you're not doing - you're not practicing Ian Thorpe freestyle in there, that's for sure.  It's mainly used to cool down and hang out, have a have a dip.  It's actually really awesome to see all the concrete getting blasted out of this little cannon and just, like, forming the pool.  Shotcrete they call it (sound effects).  Oh he's such a boy.  Yep I come with sound effects.

I guess a lot of people don't know and I didn't even realise, that when you're doing a concrete and tile pool, you really need to have your tiles locked in before they start.  You essentially want to make the size of the pool to suit the size of the tiles.  This is why mood boarding is so important early on.

With the pool area, I have two totally different styles in mind and somehow I want to mesh them all together.  So I love that Palm Springs minimalistic clean line style, but I also love the texture and warmth, and those Moroccan tiles with lots of pattern.

I love using new innovative systems, especially in building, and what we're using in this house is the galvanized uni pier.  In our case, this has just enabled us to do the whole floor frame so much quicker than the brick piers.  We didn't need a brickie to come in. It's something that I can do myself.  So we just dynabolt it down through these parts on the foot and then we just slide it up to our bearer.  So that means we can literally start building up out of the ground.  And all this area that you can see here - In the next couple of days is gonna be covered by floor, you little Ripper.  

We've essentially given our plans to the Mitre 10 Trade Center and they have designed the whole floor frame system and they've given me a plan to build off, so I know exactly where every member is going.  And it's going to make the job so much easier when it comes to building that subfloor.  We've got our frames here this morning and I am pretty pumped because by the end of today - this will be Kara - all right you've just interrupted my piece camera.  You start thinking about what the house is going to look like when you're developing the paper plans.  But once those walls go up, you can stand in a space and really get a feel for what it's going to look like. 

I've got a few styles going around in my head and I'm trying to work out what's going to look best.

To support the roof load above, we've got this huge big beam going in.  It's like about nine and a half meters long.  It's huge.  So we have to get it in.  Slide it through the bedroom, slide it out of the external wall in the master bedroom, let it dangle out in thin air for a while.  I just can't watch things like that.  It's just too scary.

Now that the wall frames are all done, there all braced. We're ready to start installing all the roof trusses, which is gonna be a pretty huge job.  I mean, we've got like 12 meter spans in parts of these trusses so it's gonna be a stretch. With all our roof trusses completed, we are gunning for lock up.  

So our colorbond roof is going to go in.  With our  Veluxs installed.  I'm really excited to see all these windows installed. We've got that gorgeous casement window at the front and then all those highlights at the back, which is going to look amazing.

We've got cladding and that's exciting because I can choose some paint colors and once you start seeing all those colours it really does take shape.  Really start to take shape. 

Coming up next on Long Jetty Reno, we have got our colour bonds steel delivery this morning, and we can get this thing locked up. I don't like any of the other colours.  What colour to you like?


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