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Long Jetty Reno: Ep 3 - Locked Up

21 September 2017



The frames are locked up and this renovation is turning into a monster of a challenge! 


We're out of the ground now.  All of our frames and trusses are up and we can finally see this renovation for the monster that it is.

It's pretty big and the time has come where we've framed up for our Veluxe windows we're installing.  They're going in. The main feature that I'm excited about is the Veluxe Vault over the kitchen area.  It's such a big beautiful space. I can see people entertaining there, having a great time.  Not just in summer but in winter.  With all that natural light, it's gonna be a great place to hang out.  It looks pretty cool - sure does.

We have just had all the wideline windows rock up.  There is a bucket load of windows and they're looking amazing.  So I'm pretty excited.  

So, similar to our last reno, we've kept the white window frames because it works really well with the coastal home that we're designing.

Obviously we are massive fans of integrating indoor/outdoor living, so we have the world's biggest sliding door swinging out to the deck that you have ever seen.  When you walk from the front of the house to the back it honestly feels like that back half just opens right up to the outdoors.

We're back at the reno and today is a huge milestone because the roof is going on.  Over the last few days we have been working really hard getting all the colorbond fascia and gutter on, and that means that we can start throwing on all the roof sheets.

When you're designing the exterior of the home, the roof plays such a big role in how it all comes together.  To the point that I pretty much choose my roof color first.  One thing about the color bond roof going on is that it goes on damn fast.  When you get guys in that know what they're doing, the wool goes down, the screws go in and you see the sheets just going down.  It's all happening and it happens at a rapid rate.  We're very excited about the roof but we're even more excited because we're one of the first in Australia to have color bond matte finish in the surfmist colour.  Kara is stoked with it. I'm stoked because you know we're pretty much watertight now and it's a massive part of the build that's accomplished.

With the front of this house we want to do some really beautiful stone, so we've selected a really nice limestone.  It looks great but it's an absolute mission to set out because you've got to set all the walls out on a bench or on the table and then translate that up onto a wall.  I could be other shops getting a mani and pedi, but here I am, covered in limestone.

The front of the house is quite traditional looking and we've got the gable roof and lots of white.   I'm thinking that the weatherboards would be a really really crisp white.

So the boys and myself been working pretty hard to get basically all the cladding on and those weather boards are looking stunning, especially at the front, and I really like the corner details on those external corners.  The little mitre is looking great, just to give it that modern profile, it's looking really cool.  

The vision is starting to come together.  Our beach house is looking more like a beach house and you know the more you do the more you want to do. 

I am so excited to start putting some paint on these walls. I've known all along that I want to go for a white color scheme because I think that'll look beautiful with the stone detail that we've got around the garage. Can we just say for starters. Kara said 'I want to paint white on white' so she brought these five different colors of white which all look the same to me.  We still want to go for that white weatherboard look but we want to make sure that there is a slight variation between that crisp white trims and the cladding color.

So my decision is easy.  Yeah one of those.  As easy as you make it sound, it's actually really hard to see them and I feel like what are the trickiest because they look so different depending on the light. Aaron do you like any of the colors?  What color do you like?  

Eight paint samples later we've found the one: 'barely beige'.  Now that Kara finally locked in the paint decision, that means we can give the go-ahead to our painters to start painting from the eaves down and then we can get rid of our scaffold.

I like how you say Kara has finally looked in the paint color. Like I took forever. I did choose eight paint samples, but you know, I chose the color within two days.  It's better than most.  

We have 90% of the outside of the house and it means that we are ready to start fitting out the inside.

We've got our plumber coming, our Sparkie coming.  We're insulating, gip rocking and we're finally getting some  finished bedrooms.

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